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Five Questions For the First Friday of December!

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Date: Fri, 01-Dec-2017 10:47:47 AM PST
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Not to mention the last "first Friday of the month" for 2017...I've said it before, and I'll likely say it again; this year seemingly flew by.

Here's 5 questions for today...

1. Got any weekend plans?

2. When do you start putting up the Christmas/Hanukkah/winter solstice/whatever decorations?

3. Do you floss <g>? Bonus question: have you ever flossed in public? (hotel rooms don't count. Restaurant bathrooms do)

4. I've asked about pizza toppings and burger toppings...what do you like on a chicken sandwich?

5. Finally--this might be too weighty a question for a FQfF--how do you handle it when someone repeatedly asks you to do something you just plain don't want to do? Nothing immoral or illegal, nothing you couldn't do if you had just don't want to do it?

My answers after this busy, hectic work day is over. The only thing worse than having to work on a Friday when you've gotten used to NOT working on Fridays is having a least favorite order come in...and getting a LOT of it. Um...yay for work?

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