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Five Questions For theme today <g>

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Date: Fri, 08-Dec-2017 8:30:34 AM PST
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
My questions are all over the place this time. So here goes!

1. In honor of the massive snowstorm we're supposed to be having right now (instead, I'm squinting so I can see the monitor through all the blinding sunlight streaming in the window)...snow--yay or nay?

2. We're fast approaching another "safety pizza" day at work (every 60 days we go without an accident, we get free pizza for lunch)...have you ever suffered a serious injury on a job?

3. Do you ever linger at a coffeehouse or do you always, or almost always, get your coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) to go?

4. Would it bother you if your significant other brought home seriously less money than you do?

5. If you could have any sugary treat right now, what would you choose?

My answers much's going to be a busy (and apparently beautiful) day!

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