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I have very sad news to share.

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Date: Fri, 26-Jan-2018 2:14:32 PM PST
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I didn't want to bring down the PP with this.

Some of you know from FB. My brother was killed by the police on Monday. We don't know all the details yet. They say he crashed a car he was driving, stood in the road trying to flag cars down. The police were called. They tried to get him out of the road, he refused. It escalated. They tased him. They claim twice but that is a lie. He died.

The state attorney general is investigating. The investigators told my dad the next day that he was tased more than twice but they don't know how many times. The police are still saying twice. They have been smearing my brother in the papers ever since. Yesterday the cops suddenly changed the story to my brother trying to carjack someone and that an officer was hospitalized. The investigatos told my dad today that the cop hurt his knee.

The autopsy and investigation will take months. The cops were not put on leave.

Due to the bruises on my brother's face, my dad decided to cremate him instead of an open casket for calling hours. I saw his body yesterday. Not fun. Calling hours are tomorrow.

If you want to read more info, just go to they didn't even get my mom's name right.

I wrote the obit.

This sucks, to say the least. I had issues with him but he was my brother.

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