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Five Questions for...February

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Date: Fri, 02-Feb-2018 8:56:40 AM PST
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Surprise! Dad had a question, and I actually thought of a couple more, so I thought I'd do a Five Questions post :-) Here you go...

1. Dad's question--do you ever turn your cellphone OFF? And if so, when? And if not, do you at least silence it once in a while? OK, that's really (possibly) three questions...sorry, I'm out of practice <g>.

2. Do you have any desire to vacation in space?

3. You have several different foods on your you eat all of your favorite one first, last, or do you alternate bites?

4. Have you ever bought something--clothing, shoes, household items, even permanent household fixtures--that you didn't really like, but it was "trendy"?

5. And finally, if you could get a crossover of two different shows (they don't need to both be on the air), or a show and a movie, which two would you like to see mashed up?

My answers possibly at second break--we're shockingly BUSY today (good for the paycheck, bad for the soul)--or maybe when I get home tonight.

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