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What have you tried NEW lately?

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Date: Thu, 12-Apr-2018 9:16:23 PM PDT
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Just anything new to you.

Here's mine.

gas powered auger . We knew we were going to need dog fences at our new place, so we bought an auger. It's like a giant gas-powered drill that digs holes for posts. I tried to use it by myself. I dug 4 holes. Then in order to keep it from turning, leaned into it to brace. Big mistake. A nanosecond, my jacket literally melted, burned a hole in my shirt under the jacket and scorched my bra. I also pulled a muscle in my shoulder and had to quit. Then we decided we didn't want the fence where the 4 holes already were and started a new fence line. This time, both Trish and I worked on it. we each took a handle with us taking turns doing the side with the control lever. It worked great. We dug 32 two foot holes in less than 2 hours and part of that was measuring distance between holes and putting spot holders in place. But you have to be strong to use it buy yourself and neither of us were strong enough. It's also on the heavy side. So while it was work using it and took two of us, it did the job very nicely.

roleator . You know, the walker on wheels with a seat? Well the VA decided I needed one. I use a quad cane on my bad days, but I have never been able to answer the question 'Have you fallen in the last 3 months?" with a no. If it was in the past month, I'd still have to say yes, I fell.

I don't think I needed it though and because I can walk fine, most of the time, it just feels weird to use it. So I mostly stick with my cane. There have been a few days where Trish and I are out and I get so tired, I would use it. And the VA said it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. The problem is, this one is too big. It is non-adjustable and the seat is too high. My feet barely touch the floor.

inflatable camp bed. We've been using inflatable camp beds, queen size, because we don't want to spend money on beds we don't like. We have beds picked out and when it comes up on the list, we're buying them. So in the meantime inflatable beds.

And they are pretty darn comfortable. except one them leaks after 1 month of use. I use it because Trish works and needs her sleep. I can top it off before bed and in the middle of the night, I'm halfway to the floor. It's 22 inches high regular. I don't blame the company (coleman), I blame the cat. And we bought them on clearance.

We have a new cat. He's a grey tabby with some orange highlights. Still a kitten. We went to Dollar General and came home with a cat. The people who gave it to us said it was a girl, so we named it Agatha. Only he's a boy, so we named it Columbo in the mystery theme we had going on with not our cats Holmes and Watson. Only he's not Columbo like. So we went with a Holmes character and now he is Mycroft. (sherlock's brother).

shifting litter box . I like it. It had 3 parts. The sifting tray and two more solid trays. The sifting tray sits in one of the solid trays. Pick up the sifter and the litter falls through and you have the poo and clumps of wet litter left in the sifter. I will say for such a little cat, Mycroft poops a lot. we think not our cat, Watson may be helping.

LED light sensing nightlights I have Meniere's. It is literally impossible for me to walk in the dark. I fall. My inner ear is shot, so my balance relies more heavily on vision. So I need light. These nightlights sense when it is dark or low light and come on. They go automatically go off when the overhead lights or daylight hits the room. Very cool. We have two, and I want more.

I highly recommend them.

Great neighbors Seriously, I have never had neighbors as wonderful as ours. They've made us feel so welcome. They take up more of our time than we are used to, but it is worth it. Our neighbor across the road, has an orange grove in Florida and he makes orange crates out of cedar. He gave us one. I love it. He is the parent of not our cats, Holmes and Watson. They are both hard to get away from though. But I love them.

pocket doors All the interior doors inside our cottage are pocket doors. We like them, because we don't have to worry about leaving room for the door to open. But they do nothing for sound. And little indent in the door isn't enough grip to open and especially close. Most of the doors had a cabinet handle added to one side, but not the other. We will eventually add handles to each side. It makes it much easier to close and it keeps the doors from going too far into the pocket. Another con, the latches are plastic. At least they are on ours.

element brand tv We just bought the cheapest tv as a temp tv. We were going to move it to the workshop when we could afford better ones. We bought a cheap dvd player and the tv doesn't have the connections it needs. I don't like that. So now I'm going to have buy a coupler. The picture is fine though. And we watch netflix and antenna tv on it.

Cinnamon as an ant repellent We have a peony plant in the yard that is covered in ants. I read online that they don't like cinnamon. Since we dislike pesticides, I tried sprinkling the plant with cinnamon. It had buds and every single bud had several ants on it. I sprinkled it with cinnamon and they fell off! It isn't ant free, but there are just a few left compared to what was there. I do not know yet if I'll have to repeat.

Huge difference in the amount of ants though.
I'm going to experiment with it and see how it goes.

Selling on marketplace I hate it. I really seriously hate it. People say they want to come see whatever you are selling, but don't show up with no word. People don't read the description and think you are selling 48 hosta bulbs for $1, then rant at you via messenger.

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