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SZ please keep praying for my brother, Mike.

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Date: Sun, 15-Apr-2018 10:05:53 PM PDT
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My family, friends and SZ friends. Please send up prayers for my brother, Mike. As most of you know he had a massive major heart attack on Monday. He faces a life-saving surgery tomorrow and he's scared. We all are but it isn't about us right now, it's about HIM, Michael Edward Robare! He needs prayers and strength to face whatever may happen tomorrow. Please ask God to give him peace if that is what Michael wants. He's fought so hard so far and while I want him to stay because I love him, if it's his and God's will that he passes on, please don't let him be afraid. He has others in the afterlife that are waiting for him and that love him just as much as his living family does now.

My daughter, sister, and nephew is with him right now. He has surgery scheduled at 7am this morning to receive an LVAD machine. With it he has a 77% chance of survival, without it, he has absolutely ZERO!

My daughter just got ahold of me and says he is signing goodbye to each of them there. My little sister has lost it and is in the throes of a nervous breakdown. My daughter fainted 4 times already so it has to be BAD since she works in the ER of JFK hospital. She's seen it all but this is the uncle who helped raise her and is the closest thing to a dad she's ever had.

I'm still in NJ with no chance of going back to NY until Tuesday morning. I think my baby needs her mama! I feel so helpless. I don't know what to think, whether he's saying his goodbyes because he doesn't think he's going to make it through the surgery or if he just wants them to know that he loves them and is grateful that they're there with him.

He's swollen over his entire body. His eyes are leaking blood. My daughter says "it's bad, mom, real bad" and I believe her because she's seen patients in this condition but never someone she loves and is extremely close to.

God help him and my family. Please pray!

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