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Do you keep cash on hand? If so, how much?

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Date: Thu, 10-May-2018 7:15:48 AM PDT
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What I mean by cash on hand is, do you keep a little nest egg of cash stashed somewhere in your house in case of emergencies?

The reason I ask is because I don't and recent events have made me wonder if maybe I should.

This past weekend there was a massive wind storm and the shingles flew off of quite a number of houses. Blessedly, my house was spared. But my coworkers' houses weren't and they'd shared some of their stories. One coworker had a few shingles fly off and a roofer came to the street and was basically grabbed by neighbours and he'd demanded $350 cash for the (emergency) repairs. My other coworker had 2 shingles fly off and was also quoted a $300 price tag but worked them down to $150 cash.

I barely keep $60 on hand. Of course I have cheques and credit cards, but it got me thinking: in a situation like that, how would I go about getting the cash? I don't have a significant other that can run out to a bank machine. I'm literally on my own. I know my parents keep cash on hand, but it might because they've never accessed an ATM as far as I know and many banks aren't open on Sundays or are open late hours.

Do you keep cash on hand? If so, how much?

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