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What have you tried NEW lately?

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Date: Mon, 11-Jun-2018 4:31:35 PM PDT
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First I want to say, if anyone wants to put one of these up, go for it. No toes stepped on here.

What's new with you?

Dandelion syrup and jelly , I was curious. People said it taste like honey. And it does! It is so good. I will say it is a little labor intensive. I picked the flowers, then cut the green part. washed them, spread them to dry all day, Cut the tip, then rolled the pedals off the green. steeped the pedals in boiled water overnight. *let cool, then put in fridge*, Then added sugar, lemon juice and boil until syrup was made.

With the jelly, same process but used lime this time and sure gel. Only it didn't set!

But it tastes fantastic. I liked it better with lime than lemon.

It is amazing how much like honey it tastes.


Cuisine Art electric mixer So far I love it. I was going to get a kitchenaid, but for the same price, I could get the cusine art with a stronger motor. name brand vs stronger motor. I went with the stronger motor.

popcorn pan It has a handle you turn while popping corn on the stove top.It turns a stirrer in the pot. I bought it at a thrift store and the handle doesn't' work that great. Apparently that doesn't matter, because it does great at popping corn. As long as I don't use butter to cook it in. Use oil. I use olive oil.

kitchenaid handheld blender LOVE it! This and the mixer were purchases we made for the house before we closed. I just now unpacked and used them.

Both are red.

making my own hummingbird nector I joined a hummingbird group months ago where I learned store bought hummingbird nector is terrible stuff. Especially the red dye ones. Rehabbers post pics of poor hummingbirds sweating out red dye.

They posted a recipe. 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Heat until sugar melts, let cool. Store in fridge up to 2 weeks. Change out feeders at least every 3 days. More often if it is hot.

We do have hummers visiting and I love to watch them.

spray painting over plastic chairs We had two chairs that were pretty moldy. I washed them in bleach and then spray painted them. We used a good quality paint. Still took 2 cans per chair. But they look good. These will be our 'sitting under the shade tree' chairs.

What about you? What did you try new?

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