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Five Questions For Friday (or whenever)--the "Would You Rather?" version

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Date: Fri, 12-Oct-2018 9:53:39 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Hey all! I'm off today for lack of work, again. A small part of me is bothered by that as I'm always bothered a bit by fewer receipts and a smaller paycheck. But a much bigger part of me was thrilled; I start an official, paid week of vacation next Monday--whoo hoo!--so having off today just gives me that much more time. Over the last few weeks, I've been compiling a list of where to go and what to do...then I woke up this morning with a pretty bad sinus headache, and the cold (48 degrees right now) and gray day isn't motivating me any, so I think vacation will start with a stay at home day. So to amuse myself, and hopefully some of you, here's a Five Questions For Friday, with all the questions being "would you rather x or y?" . Ready? Let's begin :-)

1. Would you rather work 3rd shift and get paid more money or 1st shift and have hours that better match up with other peoples' and businesses' schedules?

2. Would you rather use a gift card on necessities or something more fun and frivolous?

3. Would you rather have a large group of friends that keep you busy but you don't feel as close to or a few really good friends that you don't see very often but connect to more emotionally?

4. Would you rather take one, big, expensive vacation every year and pull out all the stops or several smaller vacations throughout the year that you have to cut a lot of corners to do (stay somewhere cheap, make your own meals instead of eating out, no souvenirs, that kind of thing)?

5. Would you rather watch a show that has only 10 episodes in their season but really high quality episodes or a show that has 22 episodes a season with a handful of not so high quality episodes in it?

My answers (almost) immediately following...

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