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Who else wants Michael to kill Carmine?! spoiler

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Date: Wed, 24-Apr-2013 6:30:51 PM PDT
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Okay not kill how about beat to a pulp?

The spoilers say that Michael finds out about Lauren & Carmine"s affair next week.

I DESPISE Carmine and aren't too happy with Lauren"s one-time behavior.

Carmine has played Lauren like a violin and it would serve her right if Michael divorced her.

Michael is a FABULOUS husband and I"m betting no slouch in bed (remember his leather phase with Phyllis?) How could Carmine compare except that he"s younger?

I hope Carmine gets what"s coming to him but I DON"T want to see Michael become the old psycho guy that burrowed through a wall.

Carmine needs to know that he isn't half the man Michael is and Lauren needs a good b**ch slap for all she"s done.

Who else thinks Michael needs to let Carmine have it!!??

- Stefanluver

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