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Thursday, "Okay girl, you hurry back to me! " Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 25-Apr-2013 11:57:03 AM PDT
Where: Young and the Restless Message Board
I love all of you!

And we love you, Jeanne Cooper. I have read another board that Jeanne will be in the hospital until Friday or Saturday, then will be coming home!

It was good to see her friends and family support Kay, as he got ready for surgery today. I was happy to see Murphy finally, been way to long. He and Kay are so sweet together.

It saddens me that Chelsea/Adam are divorced now. Very hurtful painful scenes between the two. Chloe needs to STHU and stay of out it! Ugh to Sharon/Adam having sex again!

I laughed when Faith asked, why can't Avery go away. But the poor little girl, was scared she was going to lose her family. Looks like Nick is going to dump Avery anyways, because he finally gets he is her second pick!
So going to make the rest of the week, the "free for all post"

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings(like/dislike) on today's episode. Any comments are very welcome and appreciated very much!


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