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Hump Wed, "If someone, would do the math.." Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 22-May-2013 4:24:26 PM PDT
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Tell me the truth, are you carrying my baby? Adam.

Why yes, she sure damn is! But as usual, she irritated me by lying, that he isn't. She earned a big slap for that. I thought he was right that in a way, Chelsea was punishing him, by doing this. Because her other reasons don't make any sense. But I am still ticked at Chelsea for deceiving for both men. Chloe needed a smack suggested that she protect herself by suggesting Prince Charming(ugh) to marry her. And Dylan, showed he wasn't Mr. Nice guy by ordering Adam to stay away from Chelsea(the woman, who is making a fool out of him) Adam rock, though by not being fazed, by him at all. LOL. Then I loved him calling Chelsea's doctor leaving a message stating that he has questions about her current pregnancy. The story is moving, thank goodness! I just want this nonsense to end!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Short on time today, so I thought I would make this into a comment and question post, for fun.

Is Victoria right, does Victor not trust Adam as well? What did you think of that her hiring an PI, in order to find solid information to use against him.

Good Billy/Adam scenes today! What did you think of Adam blackmailing Billy, in order to get Victoria off his back? Billy was good turning down Ken playing poker in his club? How much longer do you think, he will last before he caves in again?

Cane is burying his head in his sand about Tyler/Lily. I liked Jill and Cane's serious talk about them today Do you think he will flip out, when he learns that Lily offered to walk away from the project if Tyler came back?

Was Chloe out of line calling to get Crimson Lights appraised, when Kevin told her flat out no(to sell the place)?? I thought so, considering, Mac and Kevin own the place, she doesn't.

Big thanks to Kevin hacking at the police station. I am glad Alex gave him heck for it. He has found the source that is posting Neil's journal. The domain is registered to NEWBiz Incorporated. That is Neil's corporation. So who could be doing this or do you not care?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode. Any comment would be greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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