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Michael needs to keep Fen AWAY from Carmine!!

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Date: Sun, 26-May-2013 6:01:02 AM PDT
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I thought Michael was going to explode when Fen said he thought Carmine was cool and that he's been talking to him.

Michael NEEDS to keep Fen AWAY from Carmine AND vice versa!

It might be too late since spoilers say Carmine starts to manipulate Fen. BIG SURPRISE!

I'm sure Carmine thinks cozying up to Fen will win him points with Lauren, who's made it clear that their affair is over.

Unfortunately, I'm sensing an obsession storyline looming.

Hasn't Lauren learned anything?!

She was buried alive by a guy, who was obsessed with her and she wasn't even sleeping with him!!!!!!!

I didn't understand why Lauren needed to have an affair in the first place. Okay, Michael thought Fen had committed this heinous act and all evidence supported that assumption. Michael was right to worry given his emotional bbckground but I'll admit he could've handled it better!

Okay, he was wrong but that didn't mean she needed to jump in the sac with someone else.

I know Carmine is young but, to be honest, I can't imagine that Carmine is better in bed than Michael.

I mean I still remember when he dated Phyllis (not Michele Stafford) and they both wore leather with light S & M leanings, at least it looked that way..

Plus, Michael ADORED & WORSHIPPED Lauren. How could she give that up for a young beefcake?

I'm sure Fen wouldn't think Carmine was so "cool" if he knew he was sleeping with his mother. AND I'm thinking when & if Fen finds that out, given the old-Michael psycho tendencies he's been having...Carmine better watch out!

Anyway, Fen + Carmine = TROUBLE! For everyone involved!

What are your thoughts on Carmine's plans for Fen?

His intentions toward Lauren now that she's broken it off with him? Will his desire lead to obsession?

Will Michael divorce Lauren? If so, how will that effect Fen? Especially if he finds out why they're divorcing?

- Stefanluver

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