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Hump Wed, "Summer's entire life was a lie!" Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 12-Jun-2013 4:21:52 PM PDT
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Is that how it was supposed to be?. Is it worth it to you? Phyllis

WTH are we going to do? Phyllis

Be honest! Summer and Jack are going to be in shock, no matter how they do it.

Bravo to Michelle Stafford, who knocked her performance out the ballpark today with her multi-facet emotional scenes with Joshua Morrow. BTW, he was very good in his emotional scenes.

Phyllis nailed it that Nick played God, and used Summer as a replacement for Cassie. Do you agree with her, that he is like Adam? A selfish Nick almost sounded delusional as he said that he knew that the baby was his and that's all there was it. Everything work out as it was supposed to be. Ouch, poor Sharon. And they were meant to raise her together. As well, Jack was never there for Summer. Loved an angry Kudos to Phyllis defending Jack, because he didn't have the opportunity! And pointing out, what he lost out on raising his daughter! Thank you!!

I still find this out of character for Nick to do this. But did the writers do it, so drop down him to Adam's level?? What do you think? But it sure Nick a more flawed layered character. I also notice there was some Karma for Phyllis. Now she knows exactly how Danny/Christine felt, when she lied to them about Daniel
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Only have seen half of the episode. So commenting from that.

Fen went down a bad path today with Raven by getting high with her. What did you think of their scenes? And I hated Carmine using Fen to get info on Lauren.

Good to see Lauren/Michael doing the blind trust test with the blindfold. It wasn't easy, for them to do. Michael ended up banging his shins on the coffee table. He retorts, they aren't made for blind trust. I think he is correct. Once trust is gone in a marriage, very hard to get back. But when it's her turn, he catches her when she almost trips over the couch. Very emotional moment as she cries she made a mistake Michael knows. |He wouldn't let her fall. I really like they took a little step forward in saving their relationship by going to therapy and doing the exercises.

Thank goodness, Kyle talked Summer out of having sex. He does look like he could be her big brother in those scenes. Nick and Phyllis were relieved that they didn't either. Nick was a coward not telling Jack the truth at his house. But he has to be honest with Jack/Summer and accept the consequences of his actions.

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Any comment would be greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much!


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