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Friday, "Dad, when are you going to learn," Recap Post

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Date: Fri, 05-Jul-2013 12:15:31 PM PDT
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you can’t run our lives?? Abby.

LOL, never, never, never. I had to laugh, as he claimed he would if they made better decisions. That's how he justifies his controlling actions(shakes head) Victor was out of line, hiring that divorce attorney for Victoria. She is an adult, she can do that herself if she decides to divorce Billy. Though things aren't looking too good as she hung up on him. Trouble is brewing as Victor overhears Billy asking where the card game is. Tune in next week to see what happens...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap [link]
Very mature breakup between Abby/Alex. I am glad, they are over, because they were a mismatch. It was nice, they ended with a hug.

Lily continues to lie to clueless Cane, that she didn't have feelings for Tyler. She quickly dropped her fake smile, the minute he left the room. The Lane twins were cute today. But their night of romance never happened, because Cane feel asleep. LOL I did like that they showed that Lane and the family was going out to celebrate the 4th!

You’re a smart girl. I shouldn’t have to spell it out for you

Bwhahaha! Go Adam! Loved how he gave Melanie no choice but to work for him now. She was very seducing as she kissed him. Cat and Mouse game between the two.

But it was still obvious that Adam/Chelsea loved each other as he caught her falling off the stairs with box. It was heartbreaking, the look on his face as Chelsea had put his baby blanket in the charity box. It was good later, that Adam again was doing the math about her pregnancy. Just wish, he would ask for a DNA test and end this nonsense.

"Kevin, my daughter is sick and she needed me. And I was focused on her." Chloe.

Exactly. Stop feeling sorry for yourself as Sheryl said, Kevin. And let it go, that Chloe didn't call him. The important thing, is that knows now! BTW, I though GR gave a great performance today. It was moving on much he did loved that little girl, and missed their family. However, I don't want Kevin/Chloe to reunite! Horrible pairing. However, it was sweet that Kevin brought Delia, a lemonade slushy I am glad, that Delia only has a fever and will be okay.
So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.

And big thanks to Terri again, for helping me out this past week.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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