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Thursday, "I'm not Summer's biological father!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 11-Jul-2013 4:37:59 PM PDT
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This is a sick joke…Jack Abbott has been trying to best me for decades Victor

Typical Victor to make this major news about all about his rivalry with Jack, and not about Nick's deceit. Then wanting to dump Summer, because she is Jack's daughter. Smack! I'm not surprised that he let Nick off the hook. He only cared that Jack best him! Bastard! I did like Nick mentioned that Abby didn't love Brad any less, once she found out TGVN was her bio father. I was ticked that a very selfish Nick and Victor was determined not to let her go to Jack Abbott. Summer isn't their property, it's up to her to decide what her next step is.

The propping of the Newman Clan was ridiculous by the writers today.
Big thanks to Cat and Terri, who covered for me, while I had internet problems. Thanks for your wonderful posts! I got a new box now and back in business!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap [link]
Sorry, I find the forced pairing of Chelsea/Dylan very dull. Stitch gave poor advice to him to confide to Chelsea(a woman, that he barely knows) about Afghanistan. He needs a shrink. And Avery, proved once again, she had feelings for Dylan, as she talked about him to Chelsea.

Lily, was the jealous green-eyed monster with Tyler and Abby today, rubbing it in that her marriage was solid. Sorry, Lily, you can't have it both ways. And she seemed jealous of Cane with Hilary later. BTW, Hilary really seems to enjoy ratting Jill out. I don't really trust that woman, as she eyed the loving Lane! She may be after Cane after all.

Looks like they may pair Courtney and Noah together? What do you think about that? Once again, Noah and Tyler have a party with girls. And the useless character of Mason, invites himself along. Noah, seems lost as a character. I think it's because they writers don't know what to do with him. It's a shame, because he is a legacy character. Abby and Tyler kiss was hot, but kudos to her for walking away. She is right that old her would have slept with him. I really like this new improved Abby.

It was great, seeing two veteran characters(Jill/Neil) sharing a scene together. Loved them talking about Billy's gambling addiction and his own relapse with alcohol. It was great, they ate together. He even updates her about the blogger, who has been after him and his family. It is interesting they showed him flashback in Evanston and reading about Dru being presumed dead(in the paper). Could it be, Y&R is actually bringing VR back as Dru?? Only speculation on my part! Or, could it be someone else?? Or do you not care???

Summer's angry is very justified about Nick right now. But she was depressed of no longer belonging, because she isn't a part of amazing Newman family(which isn't something to be proud of LOL). Ugh! I would rather be part of the loving solid Abbott family. But she can't focus on that right now, all she sees, is her world being ripped away from her. Hunter King did a great job today!

I wanted to smack Phyllis telling her daughter, that she is still Nick's daughter. Why couldn't she say, that you now have two wonderful fathers, that love you. Not once, did she bring up Jack, her real father. Or helping her, realize that she is very blessed to have two families. I think Phyllis is close to forgiving Nick already, because she choose him over Jack. Kudos to Jack for kicking her to the curb the other day. She never questioned the DNA test, because she got the results she wanted. Jack is better off without her!! And I agreed with Terri, the other, PB was on fire on Tuesday's episode!

So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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