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Tuesday "Daddy, can't let you pick the pauper, instead of the prince" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 16-Jul-2013 12:10:09 PM PDT
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You want me to pay you, to keep your mouth shut Chelsea

Exactly! Damnit, Jeffery. I wish, he hadn't taken the money from Chelsea, so he would shut up. It was great when he busted her that Adam is the father of her baby. Her protests, didn't even faze him, as he taunted her. Interesting that he threw out that she was the closest thing, Adam had for a soul. She isn't convincing that she loves Dylan now! So basically, the whole town will probably figure out the truth, before clueless Dylan ever does. I wish, Jeffery had gone to Adam instead and ended this stupid storyline! And stupid Dylan, falls for Chelsea's lies once again. Maybe, we will get lucky and Jeffery will bleed Chelsea dry? LOL.

I did laugh when Jeffery took some of tip money at Crimson light. So in character, for him, to do that LOL.
I have the day off due to inventory at work today. Posting earlier, due to taking my Grandma to the doctor
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap [link]
The paternity story continues today. Though, it now feels like a waste of time, since Sharon switched the test results. But the characters, don't know that. And there is always the possibility, a delusion Sharon thought she did it. Why can't Jack do an second DNA to be sure?? That would be using common sense, something the writers don't have LOL

Avery was definately Nick's cheerleader, hoping she will forgive Nick. But it was bunch of crap, hearing as she told her Nick is the same honest father that he always was. Thank you Summer saying it's not true and she knows, he isn't. And she can't pretend that Nick is her father and it's not fair to Jack. I felt for her as she asked her to make a potion and forget this a bad dream. Oh, it is, because, Sharon made that nightmare. But it was good that Avery did comfort Summer today. Summer thought her and Nick were good together and don't give it up. I disagree!

And now today, it's Kyle/Nick confrontation. Jack/Nick was much better though! Kyle nailed it, that Nick was greedy and took what he did wanted. Bravo! I am tired of Nick using Cassie as a justification, and acting like a victim. Nick's arrogance, stating he did a damn good job of protecting Summer. Kyle put him, in his place by saying "I'm not her friend, I am her brother, part of her real family." Nick retorts that she has room in her heart for everyone that loves her, blah, blah.

Smack to Phyllis for feeling sorry for Nick. Glad that Jack called on it! He was right that Nick only wanted the truth if it served him so he lied to the whole word. PB is really killing his scenes today. Smack to Phyllis defending Nick, that he loved her. Good retort from Jack, that he would have loved her too and Phyllis too! He reflects on past events, after delivered Summer and Nick/Phyllis took her home. "I didn't just lose a daughter. He took the family that I had." Phyllis remarks, that Traci said, I would hurt you.She was right, but wish she wasn't. Glad that Phylis was honest there about her. And it was cute, that she got Jack to smile with her "is famous with her patience. Darn, really liking my Jack/Phyllis here. But won't get invested, because they won't last. He is really better off without her.

Sharon, has gone off the deep end, dreaming of a happy ever after reunion with Nick. Sharon Case and Joshua still have great chemistry together. I was reminded of the good days, when they were a happy couple. But those days are gone, and she need to realized that.

BTW, Nick you don't tell your son, that you lied about Summer's paternity test, while he is working! You do it privately at home, not in public!! Nick repeats again, to Noah that he knew in his heart Summer was his daughter(And he is right). Noah doesn't want hear that crap, just wants want the test results. Nick admits, that Jack is the father. Hurt, Noah stresses, Jack's daughter, not his and Faith's sister. Kudos to Noah blasting him, that all his life Nick told him to be honest about things. the only way to put your head up high. "And you go lie about this." Nick is honest, that he didn’t think about anybody but himself. I liked Noah’s real disgust toward him, and can't even look at him, due to angry toward him. Don't blame him, for not wanting to be around him right now. Loved Noah asking, “Son, are you sure about that? Maybe you lied about me too” Ouch, good one!

Poor Summer, looked so lost and she told Kyle, everything is upside down, how does she do this. Just an awkward conservation, between the two. Kyle is right that Nick put them all in this situation. Sharon made it worse by switching the test. I know, Kyle wants to help, but staying away from Summer, might help. It is very painful, for her to be around him. Poor Summer, as she left the Abbott home and Phyllis needs to stop pushing. Jack is handling it in the right away, by not doing that. Phyllis admits, she is trying to step back from him and Summer. She notes that he was holding her hand is something. He needs her and can’t imagine getting through without her. Well, she needs him too and they kiss. Jack tells her there is nothing to forgive(ugh, I disagree, so much) , Nick did this and betrayed them both. They agree to get each other through it. She doesn't look too sure Great Phyllis gets off the hook now! Grr..

Nice having Avery calling herself out as a liar to Dylan. She knows she isn't a saint.

Faith is cute, not wanting to hurt Sharon, by going to Nick's to stay the night. You could see Sharon pleased afterwards that Nick kissed her on the cheek.

Noah shows his disgust to Kyle about what his Dad. But he get defensive after let Kyle slammed his father. Liked the comparison of Summer switching teams. And discuss, they both have summer as his sister.

I wanted to hug Summer as she cried on thee sofa. Even if Phyllis had been there, she probably would have rejected her.

And Nick brings Faith to the Tact house, where Avery is waiting. She states, he is the Daddy slayer can protect both of his girls, always. It is very creepy as Sharon watched through the window.
So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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