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Tuesday, "I canít control this, no matter how hard I try!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 06-Aug-2013 5:17:04 PM PDT
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Can you not blurt out, Dylan, youíre not the father Chloe

Damn, a guilty Chelsea was about to confess to Dylan, and her awful friend, Chloe shows up, cheering her on that it's right thing to do is keep on lying. I just wanted to her to SHTU, the whole time. But it is all on Chelsea, who choose to continue to lie to Dylan and Adam. And I do hope her worst nightmare comes true and Adam gets full custody. And red flags, should be going off on Dylan's head, when the doctor won't even tell about the baby's birth weight. But instead he proposes, "Let's get married before the baby comes" Idiot!
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I am really loathing Billy again today. He really ticked me off as he enjoyed taunted Adam about the bribery recording made him looking guilty as hell. Adam being unfazed was great, retorting that sticking up a liar crying rape isn't his style(true). Loved his snark that he must need money, now that he on the outs with Vikki. "Take your best shot" And look it's Vicki, asking what is going on? Adam nailed it, correcting, being tar and feathered by a woman scorned and her pals. She figures, he meant Billy. Not surprised Billy lied to Victoria about what's going on. He is probably is going to be Melanie's character witness, ugh! Billy gets worse at the end, plotting to humiliate Adam, where it hurts the most. I'm sure all part of his plan to get rid of Adam at NE, then put Victoria, back in charge(thus winning her back)! Plus ticked me off again, by brushing it off, that Melanie won't drop the rape charges(after he tried)

I liked that they show Nikki's hands shaking as she tried to pour the lemonade. Nice realistic, MS moment.

Summer had Victor nailed today at the Newman Ranch. That he is trying to stake his claim because she is an Abbott. He was a bastard to her, making this all about his rivalry with Jack(worried he will take her away from the Newman) and alienated her. Kudos to Summer, stating she is Abbott and sticking up for Jack, telling TGVN that she convinced him to move Phyllis(he loves her). I loved how she told him, that she refuses to hear one bad word against him, and left. I'm glad that Nikki/Nick gave him hell. I felt bad for Summer, missing her mother and having to deal with Victor at that Newman family gathering.

Adam shouldn't have given one word to that nosy reporter, IMHO. Do you think it will do any good, declaring his innocence, calling it revenge and calling Melanie, a liar?

I'm glad that Paul busted Fen's lie that he didn't steal the drugs from the hospital , due to having witnesses and the video footage. Michael, being the lawyer, he is, suggests community service and rehab(which will only work if he wants to stay clean). Smack to Fen, giving attitude that he is fine with jail, it's what his Dad wanted. And sneering, it will be fun to spend time with junkies! STHU! Lauren blames herself that due to her, Carmine gave him drugs. Finally a guilty Fen, did the right thing and confessed that was lie. I can understand Lauren, being shocked. But Michael? I thought, he figured out, deep down, that Fen was guilty all along. Fen admits he did to stop him, but it backfired. Do you think that rehab is the best solution for Fen or is it jail? But I am glad that he has to spend the night in jail. But the Baldwins did have a nice hug after Fen apologized.
So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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