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Hump Wed, "What are you doing here, Sharon?" Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 07-Aug-2013 5:10:35 PM PDT
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Stay away from my son!! Nikki

It felt like the classic Y&R days, when once again Nikki called Sharon a gold digging tramp. But I do miss the old Sharon, who is gone now. All we get is this crazy one, which saddens me. Nikki did read Sharon like a book, stating using Faith to worm his back into his life. And doesn't do do anything, unless it helps her. BTW, I don't get why Nick thinks Sharon is the only one understand what he did. Because it seems like most of town does, ugh! And a deluded Sharon keeps seeing Cassie, who encourages her not to give up on Nick. I think she is off her meds and needs her to see her shrink again!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Sorry, Neil's story continues not to interest me,. I didn't need him to be hypnotizes for him to remember, he left the bar with that woman. The bartender already told us!! I could less about his little chat with Rose.

Well, Lily's green blouse suited her mood; green eye monster. Her jealous of Abby being with Tyler, is really starting to get irritating. Abby could even see it, when she wonder if it was her being late or the Tyler part that bothered her.

I think that the only reason that Devon wanted to hire Tyler back, because he foolishly thinks that Cane/Lily are solid. I would never hire that arrogant SOB back. Lily ended up with egg on her face, when she thought Devon wanted her influence to convince Tyler to come back to Jabot. He meant Abby, ouch! So what do you think of Tyler/Abby pairing so far? Or do you not care?

Johnny is a cute little child. Billy Miller was really good with his scenes with him, today!. But I am glad, that Victor told him, she wasn't ready to go on a date with him. I could tell, she still loves him. But she is much better off with him.

Noah grating on my nerving propping "poor" Nick feeling badly(ugh), and suggesting, she go to him! BTW, I am glad she is furious about what he did! Summer looked really sad, as she saw Nick hug Faith through the window.

On a shallow note, I wanted some chocolate chip pancakes, after all that talk about it.. LOL. Though it was pretty funny, as Sharon rolled her eyes as Nick said that Avery only uses whole nutmeg.
So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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