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Hump Wed, "Jack Abbott always has and will be the enemy!" Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 14-Aug-2013 4:37:38 PM PDT
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You know what, Dad. I think you are the enemy! Nick

Amen, Amen! Bravo, Nick! He noticed that TGVN just upset poor Summer by attacking Jack. BTW, how dare, Victor tell Jack to stay away from his "daughter!" I wanted to slap him, for stating that what Nick did was the best thing that ever happened to Summer. WTH?? Then he also had the gall to say that he never lifted a finger to raise her. Thank Jack, for pointing out that she was stolen from him and never had a chance. He should have reminded him, that he had an Abbott heart beating inside his body, thanks to him. Grr. Victor sounded like a lunatic in his rantings today. He needs to STHU!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Sorry, not feeling well today, due to a bad allergy headache. So, instead, I am going to make this a "free for all" post

So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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