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Tuesday, "How could you leave me, Katherine?" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 20-Aug-2013 3:54:53 PM PDT
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I may not be able to be with you, but I will still be watching from another room. Katherine from her letter.

Nice touch as a book suddenly falls to the floor. I'm sure that was from Kay letting her know, she was there. Thank you, Lauren for pointing out that Kay wasn't trying to hurt Jill, but only wanted to her to remember as she was. And that maybe she did it for herself, because she was scared. She couldn't bear to say goodbye to the people she loved. That sounded like a good reason. What do you do think Kay's motives were? I am really glad that Lauren was there for Jill today.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
I missed about half the episode, so commenting on what I saw. Watch the rest later

I didn't like Avery pressuring Summer to be her maid of her honor. I think it's awkward situation that Summer because her Aunt is marrying her Dad

Loved Summer bringing Chinese food to Jack, and Kyle. That's what I had last night.

"You can't erase me" Ugh, I wish, I could, Carmine. He keep turning like a bad penny. He continues to stalk Lauren and taunt Michael, today. Bastard! Can't the writers just have him fall off a cliff and be done with him.I just wish this awful storyline with him, would just end.

Looking forward to seeing Jack/Jill scenes. They sounded really good. Did you enjoy them today?

A delusional Sharon is up to trouble, plotting to stop Avery/Nick weddings on Friday. What could she be up to?? Nick updates Avery, that Sharon is a bad place(thanks to Noah) wondering "What if" with her and Nick, due to the Summer situation. He denied, he had no regrets, but I thought he looked guilty. And we know, Sharon has done more than wondering, by changing the paternity results, in order to rewrite history. But she is very worried(due to her chat with "Cassie"), that she will be found out. Do you want her to be exposed?

So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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