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Thursday, "Everything is going perfectly!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 22-Aug-2013 5:22:59 PM PDT
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Thatís exactly, what I want to hear. Mason

Now that's a good twist. My jaw just dropped! I didn't see it coming that Mason was working with Hilary and was her lover. What could be his motive for doing this? Or is he a tool?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here
Welcome back, Neil! I did like learning that he was talking to Jill about Katherine after he first got home. And he enjoyed him discussed her with Kevin, at the police station. Neil's trip, wasn't a wild goose chase, he learned that Rose left her job at a financier's and abruptly left....the day Gus was relased from jail. We know that he Hilary. Kudos to Kevin to tracking the Wisconsin number to Newman Enterprises when Mason was working there. Hilary shouldn't be blaming Neil for her mother's death. He didn't cause it. But she is also blaming as learned as she cried in Cane's arm. Of course, Lily was ticked that she did that, as she smelt her perfume" Ashley" on her. Hilary is a fun complex villain.

Enjoyed Sharon and Nick talking about Kay's passing and the times they had with her. Sharon put a good act, by wishing him and Avery a long life of happiness, blah, blah. Nick breaks the news to Faith that they are getting married, and wanted to be their flower girl. Boy, she was bratty and blunt when she told him, "No, I donít want you to marry Avery. I want you to marry, Mommy" She got worse, when she told Avery, "Youíre not going to marry, Daddy. Mommy is. And I will be the flower girl at their wedding" Ouch! Then she tried to reason with that little girl, by pointing out that two people don't have to be married to each other to be parents. But it didn't work as Faith gave her a dirty look. We know that Faith has never liked Avery. But Sharon has been strongly encouraging that dislike of her and her parents should get back together. Very bad. I did like Nick questioning Sharon if Faith got the impression from her, that they may get married. But I am sure, she will lie her way out of it. What did you think of Faith's behavior today??

Adam made things worse by trying to talk to Melanie today. First he apologized. When that didn't work, he went to threatening her. Very bad idea! She just threw in his face, that he is no Victor Newman and never will be. He retorts that Victor Adam JR. is just as capable of crushing her as his namesake. Leslie happens to witness the bad scene of Melanie, yelling stay away her. Speaking of Leslie, Adam needs to fire her, and hire Avery. She would fight for him. I was ticked that she didn't want Jack as a character witness. She only wanted female. That's ridiculous. The more character witnesses, the better.

I don't like that weird baby crib that Chelsea put Conner. I can't thinking, WTH is that? LOL. Get a normal baby crib! But finally Dylan told Chelsea about Adam wanting to be a character witness. I knew that Chelsea would know that Adam didn't rape that woman. Didn't care for a manipulative Dylan convincing her not to help him, for their family sake.

And I thought that Avery was still in love with Dylan, due to her reaction learning he was married and the child was born. What do you think?

Things were getting good as Chelsea, holding the baby, was stunned, as she opened the door to Adam. I loved the intense look between them. Finally Adam sees his son and tells her, he is beautiful, like his Mom. Ahhh. And she is glowing. Ah, you could see and hear how much he loved her. He tells her, that she was meant for this. I saw the old Chelsea briefly, telling him that she didn't think she could do it. But when she saw Conner, things would be okay. But then she threw it in his face that she supposed to be with her husband and child. I thought, he made a good point that the testimony from his ex-wife would make a difference. My favorite moment was when Chelsea step away for a moment and Adam finally picked up his son. I was moved when he said. "Come here, letís get happy. Hi peanut,, look at you. I got you! Such love in his voice. Chelsea's face was priceless seeing him hold Connor. Can't she see that he would only love their child so much, not harm him. Dylan arrives, here comes trouble. And STHU, telling Adam to stay away from his wife and child.
So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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