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Hump Wed, "At least it's not the theme from Jaws." Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 11-Sep-2013 4:01:26 PM PDT
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October 25, 1940. Thatís Katherineís 12th birthday. I have never seen the music box before today. And yet, there it is. Damn it,Katherine. You insufferable Satanist. What does all mean. Jill

Good question? I think it's another important clue. Did you notice that the same music box that she has, is also in the sketch of Kay. Now Jill has a mystery to solved. I am convinced Katherine has left something more for her than the house and box. Could it be Chancellor Industries??

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here

So the the estate was broken up in this way.

Murphy: Collection of vintage automobiles, cabin on Lake Michigan & fishing pole she could never figure out to use, plus 1/4 of her estate!

Brock/Mac/Phillip/Chance/Nina They will all divide 1/4 of her estate evenly between them.

Cane Ashby: Control and Management of Chancellor Industries left in his capable hands. ( What a joke! Bad decision by Kay, IMHO)

Nicki: Her writings.

Esther: Monthly stipend of $20,000 on condition she stays on at mansion and takes care of it.

Victor: A collection of 1st edition books and he must read them all. Kay will quiz him when she sees him again.(LOL)

Tucker: He gets what soothes his soul, her collection of vinyl records.

Chloe: Her collection of couture gowns.

Delia: She receives a education fund worth $500,000.

Kevin: An Antique brown box with skeleton key. Kay hopes he unlocks secret to his happiness.

Jill: A Red Jewellery Box and half the Chancellor Estate.

Fate of Chancellor Industries unknown. It will remain private until a later time.

So what do you think about how estate was broken up? Did Katherine give everyone what they deserved. Is there people that weren't there, that should be have been included(like Jack, Billy, etc) Also what are your thoughts on the character's will fantasy today? Funny or lame?
Nice use of Nikkiís history, with this stuff about the commune. And we finally Nikki's secret, that in the day of the cult, an Ian ward made her degrading things(sounds like she was raped) And she got pregnant. She had a premature baby, at a church, but passed out. She never saw the child, but nuns had taken the child. Katherine urged her to track down the child after she was diagnosed with MS. Now who could that child be? (cough, cough, Dylan is rumored to be)

It's understandable that Devon was drinking today after learning he inherited 2 billion dollars. He couldn't handle it. All he wanted was the vinyl records. I don't know why Kay gave him the most money. Was it out of guilt, because she gave up his father for adoption? But Mason figured out quickly that Devon hit the jackpot with the will. And I am sure that he and Hilary will use that weakness to destroy him!
"There is a storm coming. Itís going to get ugly. But you know, me, I am going to be the last man standing. You rest in peace" Victor

Hmm, so what could Victor cryptic words to Kay, mean? Is he changing his mind and going after Chancellor? Or does he mean something else?

So, what were your thoughts from today? Favorite moments? Like/Dislike? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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