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Thursday, "My beautiful bride is on her way!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 12-Sep-2013 4:30:11 PM PDT
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All right, this is it. You are about to marry the man, you love who happens to be terrific. Youíre getting married, Donít keep him waiting. Avery

Well, I am guessing wedding is so off now, that Avery will most likely make it to "park in time" BTW, her little pep talk at the end, showed me that she was trying to convince herself that she really wanted to Nick. But she really doesn't. She is still hung on Dylan, IMHO.

I did want to slap Avery for discouraging Leslie to be Adam's lawyer, because she can't be responsible for losing another child. Great reasoning there. Sorry, Avery, but Connor isn't his son. He is Adam's. But Chelsea was cruel letting him think he was. Though if he had been smarter, he would have asked for a paternity test.
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Chloe continues to win the "worst friend" award in GC. I just wanted to smack her and duck tape her mouth today. Chelsea can "cry me a river" for all she wants. I won't feel sorry for her. This is all her fault, because she caused this mess. Both ladies ticked me off by making Adam the bad guy in this situation, when really they are. They are ones that kept him from his son. They need to realize Adam is justified wanting to seek full custody, because of their deceit. Chloe earned a final slap, by suggesting that Chelsea disappear. Why she doesn't she do that. I used to lover her, but now I just loathe her.

And welcome back Summer(after visiting Phyllis/Daniel). Don't blame her not wanting to go to Nick's wedding. I liked when she told Jack to help her know the Abbott side of her. He was a good guy reminding her it's Avery wedding too and she ended up going. Though, I wish that the writers had Summer not wanting to see her Aunt marry her Dad, because she found it awkward.

The little actress playing Faith, really did a great job today. She nailed the scene when she threw that doll down and said "no thanks!" But I think it was wrong to Nick to force Faith to be in the wedding party. Even though she was acting bratty today, I felt for her when she looked so miserable asking her Mom if she had to go. She is having a hard time with Father marrying again. And only wants her parents to be together. I thought it was good at first that Sharon offered to be there with her. But she was really using Faith, order to stop the wedding. She continues to delude herself that she should be the one marrying Nick. She won't need to do anything because Avery will be the reason the marriage isn't happening.

Looks like it's Victoria/Victor/and even Noah plotting to get rid of Adam at Newman. Not surprised that Vicki wants back in NE, after Adam leaves. I wouldn't be surprised if Noah joins NE, soon.

Loved the Adam/Jack scenes today. PB and MM were incredible today. I enjoyed them debating about Adam suing for full custody. Do you agree with Jack that Adam shouldn't take a child away from his mother? Adam retorts that he won't Chelsea and some stranger play house with his son. Good comeback! But I thought Jack gave good advice that he is letting his emotion run the show. Take a deep breath, think it through. The stakes are too high. In other words take it slow. How do you think Adam should handle this situation? Go for full custody? Or joint custody?
So, what were your thoughts from today? Favorite moments? Like/Dislike? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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