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Tuesday, "You seem a little off!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 17-Sep-2013 5:34:06 PM PDT
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Stop worrying, Iím fine Sharon

Liar! He has a every right to be worried about his unstable mother for good reason(not taking pills and her fixation on Nick) She had a lame excuse, she had "lost" the pills that Noah easily found. I thought her dream/nightmare was interesting as she was "getting married" to Nick. She had Noah was busting her for changing the paternity test. But Cassie is her, other child that enables her. I think her guilt is eating away at her,for what she did. And she feels that Noah and Nick won't forgive her, when they do find out.

And sheesh, Sharon please stay away from Adam. He really doesn't care about you great life! I wish, he hadn't told her about Connor, being his son. Interesting that he thought it was Karma that his son had inherited his eye condition. But it more Karma, in a way, that his son was kidnapped. Now could understand how Nick/Sharon felt. Not quite, because they thought Faith was dead due to his cruel lies/and deceit.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]

Enjoyed the Kevin/Alex scenes today. They have a great rapport together! After some teasing from Alex about the skeleton key, Kevin explained the gift from Mrs. C, had meaning because spent a lot of his childhood in a closet. And Mrs. C. advised him that the key to happiness was seeing the good in himself. It was good that he admitted he hadn't always listened to her. And he talked briefly about his father being a manic. LOL as they joked about male bonding.

Nikki should listen to Paul and tell Victor about her child that she gave up. She thought Victor wouldn't understand, due her cult days. But not fair, because she hasn't given him a chance yet that he could. She was young, foolish, and misguided when she got involved with a cult. He already sensed she is keeping something from him. She freaked out that he knew when he mentioned they had an addition to the family. But it was just Connor and she lied that she that Vicki might be pregnant(which freaked Victor out LOL) But he threw out his usual line that no gets away lying and deceiving(after explaining Jack was Adam's secret investor) to him, blah, blah. Of course, she kept silent then(sigh)! BTW, it seemed odd that Nikki was so supportive and compassionate of Adam. And lies when she goes meet Paul(sigh) I did enjoy the old flashbacks of young Paul/Nikki, when she felt so lost. We do learn that a lawyer, who died recently, could have her file.

Jack, you liar. Victor isn't going after the Abbotts, just you. He just said hat to get Kyl's support. Do you believe Jack that he was only a silent partner to help Adam? Or do you think it was for another reason?? As I expected was Summer was upset that Jack and Victor were at war again. What did you think Kyle's accusation that Jack was no better than Victor? Agree/Disagree?

Hmm, Victor tells an business associate that Newman Enterprises are headed for a major fall. Is he going to sabotage his own company in order to get of Adam/Jack?

Slap to Chelsea for calling Chloe first, and not Adam, that Dylan took Connor. After all he is the baby's father! It was good that Chelsea realized that it was thunder that triggered Dylan's PTSD's. And he wasn't in his right mind, because he thinks he at war. That is a dangerous place to be! I worry about Connor. She still hadn't called Adam, when they went to the cops. Grr. I was glad that Alex forced her to admit that Adam was the father of her baby not Dylan. But to say Dylan wouldn't harm was wrong. They don't know that! It's possible, he might! Kudos for Kevin putting Chloe in her place today with her bad advice(learning nothing from Cane/Delia). It is a double standard with her.

Very intense scenes between Chelsea/Adam. It was like pulling teeth, for Chelsea to admit to Dylan took Connor and she didn't know where he was. Honestly, I think she never would have told him, if he hadn't shown up. She had a lot of gall, telling him, it was none of his business. I'm glad, he put her in his place. Go Adam! Track down your son!
So, what were your thoughts from today? Favorite moments? Like/Dislike? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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