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Hump Wed, "You need me!" Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 30-Oct-2013 5:15:14 PM PDT
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I need to get better. And now that I am on the meds, I will be seeing less and less. After a while, I probably won’t see you anymore Sharon

Thank goodness! Never like this warped version of Cassie that came from Sharon's deluded mind. Go Sharon! Finally, she showed by getting better and stronger, by letting go of Cassie today. It was so good that she acknowledged she wasn't real, she can't recapture the past, and accepted the reality that she wasn't going to be with Nick. She told Noah that she got a new doctor, and seems to happy with the choice. Don't blame, Noah for questioning her motives. BTW, I will miss Dr. Watkins, who always gave her the blunt truth. I did love that Sharon said that seeing her kids happy is more than enough for her. She has really come a long way. It's nice to see Sharon in a positive light, it's been way to long. And I am still hoping that Sharon was deluded thinking she switched the DNA results.

And today, we get a break from the dark and gloomy atmosphere today. Thank goodness! It was nice to see the parents and kids starting to participate in Halloween activities.

"Looks like I am going to prison after all"

Ouch! Fen delivered that line in a spiteful way. Well, it appears that Fen bought drugs, so he could get arrested. Stupid plan. Just as brilliant as Michael confessing to the murder, all because he thought Fen killed Carmine. Fen is frustrated because his parents won't let him be accountable for "killing" Carmine. Now Lauren had Michael transferred, so he can't help Fen out now. Michael should trust his bad feeling, things are going to get much worse. Glad Paul knows that Michael lied. Hope he can prove who really killed Carmine before it gets too late. And I hope it soon, because I want this storyline(that keeps dragging on and on) to be over

Faith looked so cute in her princess outfit. But poor girl, later on to be terrified with kids with those masks picking on her. Nick was very comforting father as he told it's okay to be scared, doesn't make you a baby. And then pointed out what he was scared of(like clowns, spiders... my fears, LOL) Very sweet moment as he told her, "If you want to stay Daddy’s girl forever, I’m cool with that" Cute as she climbed on his lap for a kiss.

Do you think Hilary was sincere in her apology to Neil? Or does she not regret anything as Cane stated? And it's one thing for a naive Neil to forgive her, but offering her job where her victims work is an idiotic thing. Personally I wouldn't trust with a ten foot pole. Neil should be the same way. He should have told her, she had to earn his trust. Hilary was right, he needs to stop blaming himself for walking away from her mother. Don't blame Lane for being ticked about dropping the bombshell that Hilary was going to work with at Jabot. Neil didn't even bother to talk to them, before making this bonehead move. Kudos to Lily for quitting, refusing to work anywhere near that witch. But I am glad that Y&R writers ended this stupid Hilary revenge story against Neil.

Lane kids looked cute in their costumes. Superguy and ballerina Cane was right that while is concerned for his kids, he doesn't want them to live in a bubble. It was great seeing them having fun together as a family.

Don't blame Sharon and Nick being worried that Noah is working for Victor, full time. After all, he eats his young. But good for Nick wanting Noah to make his own mistakes. Like Courtney. We just found out today that she is one of Raven's biggest customer. Looks like his bad luck in girlfriends are continuing.

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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