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Thursday, "Happy Halloween!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 31-Oct-2013 5:15:06 PM PDT
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Trick or Treat! Little girl in Witch Costume.

Well, that cute little girl scored the jackpot with Billy giving her all the suckers. But I doubt her mother would be that pleased.

But the little girl, reminded poor Billy of Delia, too much. Then he shut off the lights and sat in the dark alone. Vicki tried to help him again, but he shut her down. Didn't care when he mocked her earlier. I was sad to hear that Vicki is going to send the dog away to a good home. Delia loved that dog, so much. Billy is a very dark place, he needs some professional grief counseling. And I'm sorry, but too much gloom and doom on this Halloween day. This episode should be fun, not depressing. What do you think??
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Dylan regain his title of Town Idiot as he decided not to do an annulment because doesn't erase Chelsea and Connor from his life. Duh, an annulment won't do it. His memories will always be there. Why didn't Leslie point that out. Did he forget that Adam already erased him as the father. And dragging the divorce out for months, is so stupid. Adam/Chelsea got a quickie divorce, why can't Chelsea/Dylan??

What doctor do you know has a follow up appointment with a patient on Halloween? Idiotic! Most appointment would be done in the daytime. It was crazy, that Chelsea and Adam had doctor appointment on this night. And Victor doesn't quit, by sending Chadam that silver spoon with Connor's initials. Well, we will find out soon if Connor can see. But it's predictable, that he will.

I had to laugh that Mason told Devon that he wasn't a bad person, then later lifted his wallet. Then pretended he found the wallet, hoping to manipulate Devon into giving him a job. Nope, not a bad person at all. LOL. Mason is a useless character, Y&R needs to get rid of him.

Oddly, I liked the Devon/Victor chat. Devon tells him that Neil isn't thrilled about TGVN mentoring him. Don't blame Neil. It's natural that Devon feels lost, what do with his money., I'm glad he realized that he made things worse by offering that million dollar reward. And now the police are wasting more time, checking out false leads. I liked Victor telling Devon that great wealth can be a burden but doesn't have to be a curse. I did roll my eyes, when Victor told him that he build his company from the ground up, blah, blah, LOL.

At the AC, Avery yells at Nikki about her secret has put her in a very terrible position. Nice of her to do it right in public, when anyone can her them. Why doesn't she quit as her lawyer and tell Dylan, the truth?? Nikki is deluded hoping a wonderful reunion moment when Dylan finds out the truth. And hopes right away, they will start out their life as mother and son(ugh) Dylan will probably lose his mind again with the news. His whole world will be blown apart! I am glad Nick caught his mother with Avery and not some charity meeting. LOL as he said "What kind of charity meets on Halloween night?" Good that Nick told Nikki that Victor was worried about her, since she was looking at young Nick/Vicki pictures. Nikki needs to be honest with Victor and her family. It's getting irritating that she isn't. But Nick shouldn't blame Dylan for his breakup with Avery. He acted like Dylan was manipulating the situation, which he wasn't. He knows the real reason, that Avery wasn't over him. Nikki wasn't helping the situation, by being Dylan's biggest cheerleader. This anger toward Dylan seems out of nowhere. Of course, Y&R just wants to set up a rivalry between the two brothers.

And TGVN hired a PI(more money than Devon's offer) to find out who the hit and run driver is. What do you think about that?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!
On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys to all the children. Linus from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

Hope you have a happy Halloween!!


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