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Hump Wednesday, "You have to go back to the beginning." Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 06-Nov-2013 4:48:46 PM PST
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Where did this all start Christine.
Carmine Basco. Paul.

Exactly! Then Lauren received a phone call where the caller hung up. Plus the crime scene photos from the murder case has disappeared, and were never logged in. Hmm. So I am beginning to wonder if Carmine faked his death, to get rid of Michael and Fen. Now he can get to Lauren, who is all alone now. So what do you think??

And we get another well needed break from the sadness that we have too much lately on Y&R.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Enjoyed seeing the flashbacks of the younger Nick/Sharon trapped in the vault, where things got hot quickly LOL. Though it was realistic of the times, that Mason didn't hear them, because he had his head phones on. It was sweet that Nick gave Sharon his shirt to keep her warm. And Sharon was right that they need to be close together for body heat. Sharon worries this is the end, and is about to confess. But he never lets her talk. Good that Noah tried her phone again and found on ringing on a seat. He saves the day, finding his parents all cozy. But Sharon didn't look like she almost had hypothermia. The makeup crew should made her look like did. She asked Nick, what she said in there? He insists she said nothing to be concerned about it. I thought she seemed caught up in the past and wanting Nick again. But I also thought Nick started to feel closer to Sharon today, remembering vault incident. What are your thoughts?

Jill was right that it made no sense that Katherine gave Chancellor to Victor. Don't blame her hating that Chancellor was going to merge with Newman. But I didn't like her calling Kay, vindictive to the core. Only pretending to care about her. Typical Jill to say that. But I thought Kay was out of her mind to give the company to him. But don't blame an insulted Jill for declining Victor's job offer, since she used to run Chancellor.

I knew that this money would be a burden for Devon. I wasn't surprised, that he would wish he could give it all away. It didn't make any sense for Katherine to give him so much money. All he really wanted was the vinyl records. But I loved the priceless look on Neil/Jack's face when Devon said Victor may be right that Kay wanted them work together. LOL. Jack gave Devon a good warning about Victor. He'll shake your hand and use the other to stab you in the back.

"We did this. We tried to protect our son and it blew it up in our face" Amen, Amen! Finally Lauren spoke the truth here. That's why they are in all this mess. And I agreed with Lauren that it started with deciding to have an affair with Carmine. She was the one who put her head in the sand about Fen. Michael was a good man telling her that it started with them. They forget how much they loved each other.

What do your thoughts on Jack and Jill working together to take down Victor? Good or bad decision?? I say bad. Jack never learns that he will never win against TGVN. Jill will just go down with him. Jack needs to stop seeking revenge against him. Waste of time and he always loses.

Also Billy is missing and Jack and Jill are worried about him.

I got a good laugh as Neil told Victor respects fathering skills. LOL. And he didn't raise Abby, that was Brad/Ashley. Victor spoiled her by giving her a million dollar horse. But Neil's point was that his kids aren't defined by their money. Oh, really. Well, they all sued Victor and got 1.5 million. Anyways, Victor did give good advice that Devon needs to surround himself with competent people. And there is a difference between a good friend and a bad friend. And a bad friend is that jerk Mason trying to get into his Devon's good graces by his bonding over music. Run Devon, run.

I think Lauren is making a big mistake asking Fen to be moved. It could only make things worse, for him. Michael carefully gave Fen some good tips to survive in prison. Like don't call him Dad or talk to him at all, could get him killed. Be respectful, alert. Don't borrow anything. Don't brag and say you are the son of the ex DA. Don't drop your guard for a second. But I really got worried when that scary inmate said to Fen, "Donít look too scared, Iíll take care of you". Do not want JFP to recycle her GH story(of Michael getting raped in jail) for Fen.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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