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Thurs, "I am so excited to be needed again!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 07-Nov-2013 5:00:27 PM PST
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You should take the job Billy

Ouch. I'm sure that was due to the "needed" comment, that he overheard he say to TGVN. Vicki explained it was just work thing, but too late. But I think it's true, that she doesn't feel needed by him. Thus, we see them continue to grow apart. He isn't picking up her hand(representing trust) like he did on New Year Eve.

Victor gave good advice that if she is wise, she would give Billy all the room to grieve right now. And he used to do what Billy is doing when he got overwhelmed. Of course, he had to throw his dig about him, ugh. Maybe he did it to get a laugh out of her. He was very compassionate and supportive toward his daughter and son-in-law. I'm glad that he let a frustrated Vicki have a good raw cry not knowing what to do anymore. Good scenes between AH and EB.
Sony recap here [link]
Well, Abby learned that Tyler had an ex fiance and flips out. She did overreact. She hasn't known him too long. But things get worked out as he explains that wants nothing to do with his ex and loves her. Do you think they are, or do you feel the writers are telling us, they are in love. BTW, they felt like filler to me today.

Jack needs to listen to Jill and Cane---do not trust Hilary. Watching her today, confirmed to me that doesn't seem remorseful, at all. I saw her smirk after foolish Jack stood firm to protesting duo, that she would be working for him and to get over it. I think she does have an agenda. She will probably screw him in the end. Cane was the smart one of the group, not wanting to battle with Victor. Jill is about to throw in the towel. She asked a very good question, How could be in a partnership when you trust somebody like that?. He stops her with "What are you going to choose? Retribution with Victor or chance to stick to Hilary again?" Well, she picks revenge against Victor and Chancellor. No surprise... sneaky Hilary suggests needing someone on the inside, who knows the chink in Victor's armour. Jill has the perfect mole. Who could that be? As, for Jack, who hates losing against Victor. It might help, if he didn't start a war with him. He needs to focus on Jabot instead. You know the company, he fought hard to get back!!! Ugh!!

Victor was a real jerk to Dylan, because of Nick. I felt bad for him. But Nikki was inconsiderate to Victor, not letting him know that she invited him over. She explains that she is honoring war vets. Victor isn't stupid telling Nikki, he knows that she changed her will and is keeping something from him. I don't like Nikki using this charity event to get closer to Dylan. He felt uncomfortable that she wanted to make him part of it and not a hero. He suggested Stitch, but not him. He is messed up, and not a hero. Nikki states they are all damaged. Fight the inner war by facing weakness head on. Get up every day and try again. She explains she is alcoholic and has MS. Very moving as she said it takes courage to seek help. She wants him to come as a guest as Victor arrives. He orders her after to not waste another minute on that man. Not going to happen. as well know.

Just looking at Adam's eyes, you can see he isn't just here. Not present as she said. He seems broken believing that he accidently killed Delia. MM really good in his scenes today. Chelsea rattles on and on, talks herself into not moving. LOL Was it because Dylan dumped her? She thinks that Adam is afraid of being a parent and it's scary for her too. But she needs to dig deepr, that he hasn't been the same since he learned about Delia's accident. Billy drops by to and it's great that Connor got his eye sight back. But unlike Chloe, he doesn't want to hold him. Adam asks, if they have any leads. But Billy is going to find him. Ironically he has, but no idea that the man is front of him. I still don't think Adam did it. But Adam believes he did.

Well, I am curious what Victor's PI got for him about the hit and run.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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