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Tuesday, "Honey, everybody deals with grief differently!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 12-Nov-2013 5:40:22 PM PST
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I donít know how to reach you. But hopefully, somebody will Jill

You were right. I need help Billy

Tears came to my eyes as Billy finally admitted that and hugged Victoria. I was so glad to finally hear those words Very emotional moment from Billy Miller well done.

I also loved the Jill/Billy scenes. Great scenes with JW and BM. She was a good mother by checking out his restaurant, bringing dinner over to them. As well, as telling him she can't take his pain away but she can just do what she can. It was great to see Billy holding Johnny and apologizing that he will do better.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
LOL Jill telling Lauren that she looks horrible. No, she doesn't. But it was gerat to see the sisters there for each other. Later Paul informs Lauren, that he found a napkin with DNA in the alley by Carmine's body. She ticked me off by giving him attitude about that and she didn't kill him. Carmine probably took the lipstick blotting as a sick memento. Loved am angry Paul asking for the truth about that night, so he could get one of her men out of prison. Not surprised that Lauren wouldn't talk, ugh! Kudos to Paul, warning her he won't stop pursing the evidence. Go find out the truth and end this stupid storyline, Paul! But again, Lauren gets another hang-up call. I still think it's Carmine, who isn't dead.

Enjoyed the Summer/Fen scenes in the jail meeting room. I could feel real remorse from her as she apologized to being a jerk to him and for the bullying stuff with Jamie. I'm glad Fen told her it's not her fault and took responsibility. And I am very glad that he informed that Courtney is rumored to be into pills. Naturally she is skeptical and has a hard time believing it.

Boy, Leslie got a big mouth still. If she spoke any louder the whole bar would know that Dylan is Nikki's son. This is none of her business and she needs to stay the hell out of it.

I wanted to slap Victor hard, for hassling Jack on Veterans day! Kudos to Jack telling that he here to honor his fellow vets and support Nikki. Show some respect to him! Grr..

I did like Neil reminding Cane that he had many second chances, after he taunted Mason. But I wouldn't trust Mason, as far as I could throw him. As we see later, he was eying Devon's credit card, very closely.

I'm glad Summer told Nick/Jack that Fen's logic is messed up. And doesn't get why Michael lied to the judge and went to prison for his son. Because it was a stupid thing to do. Nick and Jack get it because they are parents. Well, they both wrong to agree with Michael. What Michael did was wrong. It's more important to be honest than lie to protect your child. He and Lauren are poor examples to their son.

I didn't care for Avery making the Veterans Day event about her. What did you think of Dylan/Avery kissing??

I enjoyed hearing about the our vet, Gene, story about being so messed up and living on the streets. But got help and now helping others vets Like Dylan telling that Gene was a real hero in his book and no shame in needling help. Priceless odd looks on Victor/Nick as a Nikki hugged Dylan, after his little speech. Poor Dylan had a awkward look on his life as Avery smiled. Victor thought she was emotional due to her MS and asked Stitch about her. Nick was bugged that she was hugging him. Plus to see Dylan with Avery(boohoo) LOL

Later Victor is sweet to draw Nikki a bath. Ironic that Nikki is giving Victor heck by going behind her back, talking to Stitch. But for the thousandth time, Victor asks if Nikki is hiding something from him. Of course, she won't tell him the truth, ugh!
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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