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Thursday, "What other people think doesn't matter." Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 14-Nov-2013 5:49:13 PM PST
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What I think of myself matters. Good luck to you Sharon

That was actually good advice that she gave to Hilary. She was telling some truth, that people in GC won't come around, because they never let you forget your mistakes. What did you think of these ladies scene today?

So were you preempted for a while today, by the president speaking today?? If so, I hope you can catch the rest of show later by or TV guide
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Tyler was so sweet and romantic that he made Abby peach cobbler pie and bought Abby a star. I liked when he said when they weren't together, he would look up and be at home. I don't get why he doesn't block his obsessed ex number. No need to talk to her. But he did hopefully put an end it today. It was nice to see a happy couple enjoying their time together today.

Kudos to Jack telling Kyle, "no" for being the mole. He was right that Kyle should be afraid of TGVN. If Victor found out he betrayed him, he would destroy him. He used a good example of Adam. I was glad that Jack told Hilary, didn't want to use his kids to fight his battles. But Kyle was an idiot and decided to do it anyways. And look, Victor is suspicious of him right away. Kyle is no match for TGVN. He will eat him for supper! And most likely, probably have him feed Jack false information.

I think they were chemistry testing Kyle/Hilary today. What do you think??

Ugh on Adam defending Sharon. She was giddy that he did that. They need to stay out of each orbits. However, Victor was quite the bastard to her. She is mentally ill, which he seems to forget. I still miss the close relationship, that they used to have. But I did love the one-liners that Adam snarked to TGVN(like deserving to be parent). But Victor had the last word as usual, that his son will always be a Newman and Sharon will never be a Newman again. Ouch.

Well, nice to see Leslie burning her meat loaf(her mom's recipe). Thank goodness, she isn't a perfect cook like Avery LOL. It was sweet of Neil to get the chief at AC to make it for them. Leslie seemed disappointed but it was more about forgetting her past. I was moved as Neil said that would like to forget parts of his life, but it's the whole thing that brought him to his moment. And he would travel the same path if he it led him here.

Loved the Jack/Adam scenes. They really have a great friendship. Again, I wish for Jack to forget about Victor and just focus on Jabot!! But I liked Adam updating him about Chelsea staying at the condo. Her reason that they are effective parents together? Buy that?? Enjoyed him talking about Hope, not being a perfect mother, but loved him unconditionally. He then points out, about having Victor's blood running his veins and worried he end up like him. Jack, being the true friend, say he will be a much better father than he is. He points out that Connor is his second choice, he can make up for all his wrongs. Adam wishes that was true, some things you can't make up for. We all know what he meant by that. Adam needs to tell Jack the truth, before it's too late. Adam helped Jack, during the worst time of his life. Jack would do the same.

Finally, Victor and the PI. Smart of Victor to figure out that maybe the G in license plate was a 6. Then we see Adam's SUV parked in the spot starting with a 6. The walls are closing on him....
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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