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Tuesday, "Do you think Victor doesn't know what you're up to?" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 19-Nov-2013 4:33:15 PM PST
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Who said anything about trusting him??? Victor

LOL. Kyle is an idiot. Jack is right, Victor is no fool. He is a joke as a mole and no match for him. Victor will play him. However, I did like TGVN telling Kyle to get a haircut or no job. LOL. Thank you!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Sorry, I could care less about Cane's big surprise for Lily.

"Do you and Victor ever get tired of butting heads all the time? I'd think you have better things to do!" That was the only smart thing, Devon said(to Jack) all day. About damn time, someone said that to him. However, I wanted to smack him for accusing Roxy of being a gold digger. All she did wanted to do was surprise him with a condo, for them to live in. Thank you, Lily for pointing out, that he gave her a credit card to get anything she wants. Good mention of history when Roxy for pointing out how he was planning to move to London to take the job with Tucker, without consulting her. Thanks to Lily, Devon, realizes too late that he was an idiot and apologizes. Kudos to her Roxy stating that this incident showed exactly where she stands with him. I don't blame her if she decides to dump him tomorrow. She is justified for doing so.

I appreciate Jill bringing some humor to the episode today, by offering to seduce an old flame, that happens to be a judge to help Lauren out. LOL. Nice scenes between the sisters today. But like Jill I want this nightmare of this storyline to end. And I hope that Paul/Christine can do it. We will find out if they idea of submitting the napkin with Lauren's DNA they might be able to get Michael out.

I was moved as Michael told Fen that he taught him, what it really means to be father. Fen tell him that he made a deal with the warden to cut a deal, by reporting about Womack. Michael did tell Fen, the truth, in that nobody is nice in jail unless they want something. And that would be Womack, who wants Fen to be at his table for dinner. Poor kid, things are only going to get worse for him as that man targets him.

Memo to Jack, you will never win against Victor. He should have learned that lesson, a long time ago. Listen to "John" and remember that family means more than revenge. I want him to focus on Jabot and forget about Newman. I did like Jill busting Kyle. But we had him admitting that he stupidly decided to become the mole. And Jack knows that Victor is on to him!
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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