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Hump Wed, "Are you breaking up with me?" Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 20-Nov-2013 4:52:46 PM PST
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I wish you the best Roxy
You know, I really love you Devon
I love you too. Roxy.

((Sniff) I wanted to hug her, at that moment. Bravo Roxy for ending things with Devon. She deserves better than him. But She was right, they aren't moving forward as a couple and stuck in the same place for 6 years. As, well, that he doesn't trust her, by questioning her motives. Plus he has changed by doing this... He looked so miserable at the end, as he threw his money at CL employee at the desk. Then stated that money, ruined his life. No, it wasn't but his own stupidity and not making any commitment to her.

I will miss Tatyana Ali on the show. I loved her Roxy and wished Y&R had used more. I have been a fan of hers. ever since she was on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Wish her the best of luck to whatever she does next in her career.
Well, Lily and Cane could dance off in the sunset and off our screen. LOL. Sorry, didn't care for their little number today. What did you think?? But Lily did seem affected by the homeless lady they found in the building.

More angst between Billy and Victoria. But he was right, she should have let him know that Chloe wanted some of Delia's clothes. But he is wrong, Vicki does know want is like to lose a child. She lost her baby Eve, many years ago. But the writers don't seem to know that. He sounded frustrated that he has done everything that she asked. She lets it slip that Adam is using her illegal contracts to help him. Uoh, But surprising, he thanks him later, for his help. But earlier, Adam had confessed to Billy oneline that he hit and killed Delia, but quickly erased when Chloe entered the room. I wish that Adam would be honest to the cops that he believes that he many hit that little girl.

It was nice that Kelly reached out to Billy at the bar, by telling him no rush to talk and it helps to be with people that understand.

I liked Paul showing support to Kevin in his work, but stressing that he find something to give it Alex. So it won't compromise the investigation. As well, as explaining he is working for something for Michael. But the story moved forward as Kevin had found Billy's blog, shows Paul. And is worried that Billy is taking matters in his own hands(valid concern) They wonder why the anonymous person is defending the hit and run driver. Maybe Kevin can track it down and find out it's Adam. That would get this depressing story moving forward so we can find it for sure if Adam hit Delia or not.

I think Chloe does need grief counseling, but Kevin needs to stop being so overprotective with her. Chelsea was the same way, after learning what Kevin wanted to keep Connor away from Chloe. But she assure her that she was fine and it was comforting being around her son. Nice, when Chelsea smiling finding a picture of her and Connor on Adam's laptop.

I was moved that Chloe, who is going through a tough time herself, was comforting Victoria today. It was good to see the two woman bonding over their loss. Plus Chloe was right that she can't be strong for everyone, needs to grieve, and let someone be there for her. And that she can't fix this. I wanted to hug poor Chloe as she wondered why she got out of bed in the morning. Then she told her, "If I had a child that needed me. I would hold on that child so tight and never let go" (Sniff) Billy needs to hear that from her.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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