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Thursday, "I can see Sharon making a sincere effort to get well." Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 21-Nov-2013 4:33:04 PM PST
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Whoopee! Let's throw her a parade Victor

ROFTL, thanks to Victor for giving me a much needed laugh with his sarcastic one liner. EB nailed that line so good! Kudos to Nick for defending Sharon and pointing how hard she was worked to get better. And for understanding that she get messed she gets when she gets scared or cornered. BTW, TGVN is the cancer, not Sharon. And he has been forgiven for the horrible things he has done. Sharon deserves to be as well. I still hope it was her deluded mine that believe she switched the paternity test. Near the end of the episode, Nick intends that he won't let his father insult Sharon anymore and make sure he will get the message.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Enjoyed Sharon and Dylan scenes. They just sparkle together. Sharon thought it was no big deal about the house and asks Dylan to stay away from Nick. But you can see by Friday preview, not going to happen.

More fun(not)as Devon moping to Neil that Roxy broke up with him and blamed the money(oh brother..that wasn't the reason) Devon should give the money to Jill, then he can stop whining. Though don't blame him for being upset that Neil forgave Hilary. He warns him that she isn't sincere. Do you agree with him. I don't don't quite trust her yet either. Well, Hilary has definately leached some poison onto Mason, who is very bitter and not believing Hilary has stopped her revenge. Now he stole Devon's credit card(thought so). But I wish we could just move Mason out of jail. It was stupid that Devon decided to have a drink with him, when he doesn't trust or like him. It will be all his damn fault, if he loses all his money.

Kyle did look good in his new haircut. I'm glad that he long hair is gone. But He should have to listen to experienced Jack, who warned him that TGVN is ruthless. But he foolishly tried to play Cat and Mouse games with Victor. He is lousy at it. TGVN knows exactly what he is up to.

I loved seeing Abby excited about the Abbott's Thanksgiving and wanting them all together. She called Summer over, so Jack would invite it. But all they wanted to do is visit Phyllis. Interesting they have MS and PB picture together on the Abbott fireplace mantel. It was sweet that Summer wanted to be with Jack this time. But poor Abby, she will be crushed they won't be there.

Summer fell for Courtney's lie that she doesn't do drugs. Noah and Courtney have a pushup competition. Though it was lame, it wasn't depressing.

Sounds like Stitch's marriage is over, after his little chat with Dylan today.

LOL, that Faith ran away from Nick, upset that she won't get her dollhouse from Dylan.

Disaster is heading our way tomorrow. We have Dylan/Avery is planning to have their date at AC where Nikki is having dinner, planning to drop the bombshell that Dylan is her son.

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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