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Monday, "Then Mom blurted out that Dylan was her son!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 25-Nov-2013 5:44:20 PM PST
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Billy spits out his beer back into bottle.


ROFTL. That was best comical relief from the episode. It was nice to see some humor in the Bicki house, instead of sadness. I chuckled as Vicki marched in and grab the beer bottles from the fridge.
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was a good one. Short week of Y&R due to Thanksgiving. Let's get started.
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Glad that Billy went to grief therapy on his own today. It was natural that he would have a hard time with it. But Kelly was hanging around too much Billy today

Sharon rocked today, by giving Noah a warning about TGVN. Plus loved when she put that horrible photographer in his place. Poor Summer, could have got sick today due to wet hair and freezing to death. I am glad she she stopped Summer from being abused from the photographer. Loved she pointed out that Summer was Jack's daughter and she was going to call him. I'm glad she told Neil as well. And I am glad he told Summer to call him if there is any problems. Like the reference that Summer and Lily used to be Jabot models. Summer called her fierce like her Mom. And she thought telling her Mom that would wake her up. Well, it could do that. LOL. Though Sharon looked ill as she learned that Jack and her, were visiting Phyllis. I enjoyed seeing Sharon strong today and not as weak, crazy and pathetic.

Well, it's nice that we will see Moses this Thanksgiving with Neil/Leslie. But I doubt we will see Sofia, his mother.

Noah is so naive if he thinks that Courtney is virgin. At least, she set him straight. So glad they didn't make love on the bar but in the bed upstairs.

"This doesn’t make sense." Dylan

Exactly! What a mess of a storyline. But I loved the WTH look on Dylan's face, right after. I also like that the Newman family, thought she was out of her mind. And if I was Dylan, I wouldn't believe Nikki either and take insult for calling his mother a liar. She explains the whole story, blah, blah to him. He had a enough and walks out. Again don't blame him. It was logical for him to think she was drinking again. Later Avery spills the beans that she knew too. Naturally he was upset at her. But she legally couldn't say anything. She was stuck between rock and a hard place, thanks to Nikki. I felt bad for Dylan today. He never should found in this way, that he was adopted. If I was him, I would do an DNA test to find out the truth for sure.

Nikki explains the whole cult story to the family and how she got pregnant by the leader. I could feel Victor's disappointment and hurt that Nikki trusted Kay but him. And Victor pointed out would be there for her, if she had just told him. She should have listened to Paul and Kay, who knew Victor would understand.

"Oh, Katherine, why aren't you here?" Oh, quit the crocodile tears, Nikki. Don't feel sorry for you. You aren't thinking what is best for Dylan, but yourself.

Nick acted like a spoiled brat whining to Victor about Dylan ruining his life and being his brother. I liked Victor's compassion toward Dylan stating that he didn't know. And the news was shocking to him, as well. But he is wrong, Nikki wanted a big happy family moment today. Nikki needs to realize that just because she gave birth to Dylan, doesn't make him his mother.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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