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Tuesday, "I am thankful for so much!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 26-Nov-2013 5:24:24 PM PST
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Without a turkey, there is no Thanksgiving Jill

Not true. They had no turkey, because Esther thought Jill was taking care of the details. Jill meant the drink, etc, not the meal. LOL Well, for a second, I was afraid they would have pizza, like the Quartermaines on GH. But they had Chinese Food, which I love. And they were together, giving thanks. That is Thanksgiving. Besides, they can have turkey at Christmas The fortune cookie message truly applied to each other character well. Wonderful scenes at Chancellor mansion as everyone celebrated thanksgiving. I liked Chloe thought of Kay taking care of Delia in heaven.

And I loved Jill honoring Katherine, by seizing the day and celebrating Thanksgiving. Kay would be have proud of her. She was the heart of the show today. It was wonderful seeing Kay and Murphy in flashbacks with her speech, last year. I still miss her. I'm sure it must be hard for Jean Cooper's family to be without her this Thanksgiving.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Strange that a judge would be working Thanksgiving, since courts are usually closed that day. But I am thankfully, that Christine and Paul got the case reopened and freed a protesting Michael. Kudos to Paul pointing out that he thinks he is doing the right thing. The reality is his son is going to serve out his time no matter what. And he needs to think of Lauren, who needs him right now. Christine was correct that he can't stop the truth from coming out. It was passionate reunion at the Chancellor Mansion as Lauren and Michael reunited. So glad, Michael is out of jail!

Ah, so cute that Chelsea had a footprint Turkey painting with Connor's feet. "I think you’re mommy went too far." Thank you, Adam! I think so too. Poor Connor, she dressed him in that Turkey costume. WTH was she thinking?? Thanksfully, Adam took a lot of it off him. I am glad they talked about last thanksgiving. And how, much as changed. Adam remarks that she hated him last year. Glad to hear Chelsea admitted that she didn't. And that he cared more for Sharon and NE/Victor. But now she sees the man, she loved, who helped her pass her GED/saved her life and delivered Johnny. I notice him pushing her away during those scenes. So cute and adorable when Adam played with Connor on the couch. I saw the father in MM come out then. Loved the family picture that they took. Nice moment, as she thanks him for letting this happen, agreeing to raise their son together. She should be very grateful for that. He is thankful for her seeing the good in him. And we get close to a Chadam kiss<g> Great scenes today with them!

Dylan was smart to ask for DNA test this time round. Too bad he didn't do it with Chelsea, when she was pregnant. But now, we find out for sure if he is Nikki's son or not. And sees by Avery's face, she knows about his birth father. She admits that he wasn't a good man.

Nick drops the bombshell to Sharon that Dylan is his brother. But nothing changes because they are related. Sharon points out correctly, that it does. Dylan is Faith's uncle and Vicki should be okay, due to him being Billy's good friend. Well, poor Sharon, she had to hear Nick ranted about Dylan, who stole the woman that he planned to marry, which isn't a new experience to him. Sheesh, Dylan didn't do no such thing. Avery is one, who picked Dylan over him. I liked Sharon showing compassion toward Nikki, because she had a difficult time telling Nick about giving up Cassie. Good mention of Y&R history there. He wants him to give her a break. Nick decides since he isn't going to take Faith to the ranch. They will join Sharon with her frozen turkey dinner. Ugh. Maybe call for Chinese food too? LOL. But I noticed how happy Sharon was with his decision.

Don't blame, for Victor being upset that Nikki kept this secret from him, in all the years they have been together. I thought Nikki had a lot of gall asking him to accept Dylan. He is right, that is asking a hell of a lot. Plus Dylan has no plans currently to accept her, as he pointed out It's ironic, Nikki expects this, while she never accepted Adam. But then neither has Victor. She annoyed me with her little rant about him working at Newman and pushing Nick/Victoria to the side. Hey he was very qualified. Good point, when he told her that she may want to show loyalty to Dylan, because guilt is a powerful motivator. Well we leave Nikki and Victor deciding on a true and kiss. But that 800 lb gorilla is still there. At the end, Dylan arrives at her door. Most likely to ask for that DNA test, good!
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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