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Victor has NO right to be mad at Nikki!

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Date: Thu, 05-Dec-2013 7:33:18 PM PST
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How many secrets has Victor kept from Nikki over the yesrs?

And now he's mad that she kept the fact that she had a baby after being raped by some pseudo-guru?


She had every right to keep it quiet until she was ready to divulge the info. Such a tramatic experience has be dealt with care.

Okay, I can see why Victor might be mad that Nikki confided her secret to Paul before him but he was a big part of Nikki's life at the time and knew the guru/rapist so he was the logical person to tell first.

Victor should be telling Nikki he loves her not being mad at her, right?

But, why should we expect Victor to be compassionate for very long. It never lasts!!

Maybe Dylan's army buddy Stitch can help Dylan change his mind about letting Nikki into hs life. She and Stitch seemed to click.

- Stefanluver

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