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Hump Wed, "Spill the beans, what is going on?" Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 11-Dec-2013 6:05:03 PM PST
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It's just all so sudden! Jack

ROFTL, loved Jack's joking around as he saw Neil's engagement ring. But Neil changed his mind and looks like he is going propose at Christmas. Good idea or he is too soon to do this?

I'm glad that Jack, called Neil(his Sponsor), as he struggled being tempted due to Phyllis remaining in her coma. Neil was a strong support friend to him, that he truly needed. Great PB and KSJ scenes today.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed Recap is here [link]
I enjoyed Sharon/Hilary scenes today. Sharon revealed to Hilary that her and Jack are ex's and received her 10th chance. But Hilary Jack's being Summer's father and about Nick lying about the paternity. Sharon defends Nick. She was really justifying her own actions by doing that. I keep hoping that when she was so deluded, she imagined that she switched the test.

Well, it seemed unbelievable that Jack wouldn't lock his office desk drawers. Nevertheless, when Hilary was looking for pen and pen to write a note for him, she finds a bottle of pain killers. She confronts him later. He is clean, thanks to Phyllis. And he admits that he got the pills in a weak moment, but didn't touch them. Hilary talks about her Mom's addiction, that killed her. He needs to toss them out, as she said! But he tells her about his great support system. She remarks, that some people don't have anyone. He asks, like her? Bingo. I enjoyed their interaction today.

I am with Abby asking Vicki: Why is Billy confiding in a stranger(Kelley) and not her? Excellent question!! I could see that Vicki is pretending it's okay for him to do that. But I can see in her eyes, she isn't comfortable with it. I liked that Abby talked to Vicki about Tyler, and the "L" word was said. Then admitted that she purposely screwed up the other day with him. Tyler was all twitter patted about Abby when talking to Leslie. She figures out that he is all ready to settle down. But he doesn't want to make the same mistakes like before with Mariah by rushing things with her. Smart move! I liked the siblings heart to heart chat. Abby acted more mature today, by apologizing to Tyler about freaking, looking for a way out. She isn't jealous of his ex. Honestly from now on. Good. Much better scenes with them today.

Memo to Nikki! Stop stalking Dylan. He know the the result of DNA tests, so leave him alone!! I think she keeps expecting that he will hug her and accept her as his mother. She won't let even him process the news. He rejects her by pointing out Penny is the only woman that he will ever consider Mom. Nikki keeps pushing if he changes his mind, Nikki will always welcome him into hers. Meanwhile that nosy Avery is eavesdropping on the whole conservation. Once again, she stuck her into business that doesn't concern her. She badgered him asking if he wanted to know if Ian Ward was dead or alive. He had to spell it out to her that that the man is dead to him. I liked him telling her that he is tired of being jerked around by Nikki, etc. And is fed up with everyone is telling him how he feels and where he belongs. He know, how he feels and belongs. Smack to Avery for purposely leaving the file behind. She needs to bake some cupcakes and leave him alone. But Dylan was an idiot for not tossing the file in the garbage and instead looking at it. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say.

Thank you, Nick for pointing out to Victor that Sharon is battling a mental illness. Victor needed a smack replying that she is using it to reel him in. But Nick revealed that he isn't mad over Nikki's lie but isn't. He was right that he would be a hypocrite if he judged his mother. Finally Nikki admitted it was stupid that she blurted the truth out at dinner. It was good to see Nikki/Nick work things out! Victor is a happy camper as Victoria arrives announcing the whole family her. She points out they all aren't there. Victor realizes Abby, not here. She retorts Adam, the son that no one wants to mention(Ain't that the truth). But it was telling that Victor considers Vicki, Nick, Nikki his family. Vicki urges Nick to accept Dylan, she would like him to be part of the family. He has been good to Billy, as a friend She sees her brother as her hero, accepting Dylan shouldn't change things between them. Ouch, as Nick said it feels like it already has. I knew that these close siblings could grow estranged, because she accepted Dylan and he didn't

Later, Nick helps Sharon bring her Christmas boxes. And noting that Sharon has come a long way in a year. She truly has, except for her secret. I loved seeing Sharon, being excited about her new job. But then we had to Nick go on his pity party that last year, he bought Avery an EZ Bake oven, ugh. I'm glad that Nick admitted to her that Avery was still hung up over Dylan, that why things ended between them. Sharon jerked us viewers around by almost confessing to Nick, the truth. Instead, she just tells him that he didn't deserve what happened to him and she wishes she could do more.

Meanwhile Vicki tells her folks that she will to accept Dylan into the Newman Clan. He was such a good friend to Billy. Nikki is thrilled and hugs her. Victor offers some snarky remarks to that. He was a jerk telling them that Hell will freeze over before he invites that boy in his house and family! Victoria shuts him down that she is sorry to hear that and he is welcomed in hers. Ouch! She marches out. Nikki stares Victor. What did she expect?? I knew, Victor would say something jack@ss like that.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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