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Monday, "Is there something you like to say to me?" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 16-Dec-2013 5:30:47 PM PST
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So do yourself a favor and donít make the same mistakes we did. Nick

Good advice, Nick. But we know, Kelly won't listen. She has an agenda. Nick had her number that she is after Billy. It seemed like to me that she knew exactly who he was. And she was quite manipulative with Billy stating her marriage wasn't worth saving.
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was a good one. Let's start the new week!!

Monday recap: [link]
I'm glad that Stitch helped Victoria with Johnny's rash. By realizing the boy was allergic to this sweater, then treated him with antihistamine . But I could see that Y&R was chemistry testing with these two. What do you think?? Also I noticed that Vicki stressed she was a Newman, when he pointed out that she was Victoria Abbott.

Dylan opened the Pandora's Box by reading about his evil bio father Ian Ward. He tells Avery all that he learned and understood what Nikki did. I noticed Avery started to make it all about herself, asking the date. Since Dylan was all upset, idiotic thing to do. Later they can't find any record of the Ward's death. Dylan wonders, "Maybe he didnít die at all? That's the writers hitting us over the head that that man is coming to town!

Well, for the thousandth time Sharon decides to tell Nick the whole truth. And once again, someone interrupts them. Noah, with the Christmas tree. I had to laugh that Sharon was actually to put tinsel on the tree. I thought, who does that anymore. LOL. Notice, that it doesn't show up on the Christmas tree later LOL. But it was fun moment as Nick/Sharon had a tinsel fight. Felt like the old days. But Noah looked mighty uncomfortable during time. Is he right to worry that Nick is leaning on Sharon too much. Ironic as the ornament crashed as Noah mentioned that Summer is always his sister. Is that foreshadowing, that her world will come crashing down???

Devon continues to be an idiot, by hanging out with Mason. And once again, Hilary tries to warn Devon against him, but he won't listen. Fool! I notice that he also foolishly ignored that he was victim of identity theft the other day, when Lily pointed that she read he was partying at some club. Hilary is right that Mason is after Devon's fortune. But I did like Devon/Hilary interacting under friendly terms. They continue to chem test them. Kudos to Antwon(thanks) for guessing correctly Y&R is going to pair them. It was interesting that Stitch and Hilary exchanged looks. I wondered if they knew each other.

"Reunited, and it feels so good" Chadam rocked today! Ah, I loved them finally making love, and stayed in bed for most of the episode. I got a kick of Chelsea making pancakes for him. I loved how they told each other "I love you!!"" Yay! Best moment! Adam is focused on making a better future, and typed on the message board to Billy that "loss, pain and guilt can define you, but doesn't have to" Can he move on with his dark cloud over him? I don't think he totally can, until he tells the truth. I want him to tell Chelsea first. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy Chadam as long as I can.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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