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"Cassie's not a hallucination. Is she dad?" (Wednesday's Recap)

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Date: Wed, 23-Apr-2014 6:15:15 PM PDT
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And with that, Victor was officially B.U.S.T.E.D.

On today's episode.....

Nick tells Sharon she's not hallucinating. The woman in front of her is not a ghost. She is real. Victor walks in (Turd didn't even knock) and gives Fake Cassie the death stare.

Nick lays it all out in detail. How Victor hired FC to gaslight Sharon, to drive her crazy. Like father like son. (Referring to Adam's gaslighting of Ashley.) Victor denied involvement until he couldn't anymore. He tried to deflect attention away from what he did by saying 'Sharon has a secret that she doesn't want anyone to know.' (Of course Sharon hasn't gotten all her memories back so she doesn't know what Victor is talking about.

Victor keeps pressing Sharon, but she doesn't know what he's talking about. He says Nick will turn against her once and for all when he finds out the secret. Nick stops him and says it's not about Sharon but what Victor has done to the memory of their daughter and to their family. Victor to Nick, "She will destroy you. You mark my word."

Nick Tells Victor he wants him out of his life. Victor leaves. FC makes a move to leave but Nick lets her know since she went along with Victor's plan she can tell it to the police after Sharon presses charges. Sharon says NO! She wont' do that. Nick has an incredulous look on his face. He tries to convince Sharon to change her mind. Sharon says she knows she should hate FC for what she did, but how could she hate someone with her daughter's face. Poignant statement by Sharon.

Sharon thanks Nick for understanding why she can't press charges.

Noah and Courtney at CL. he admits he's worried about his mom. Doesn't want her to suffer a setback. He mentions how Victor judges others, but says he says that everything he does is for his family. Says he did notice a change. (It's amazing how Victor is given crediit for being civil to guests at his home.)

Noah and Courtney end up at the AC. Noah has a surprise. He got a suite because their apartment is being painted. (How thoughtful.) Courtney and Noah make love.

Ian comes to CL. Tells him he's had a will drawn up and he is the sole beneficiary. Dylan says what makes you think I'd take a dime from you. Ian adds that if something were to happen to him the police would look at him first because he has something to gain. Ian brought up Dylan's role in Avery's divorce and the kidnapping of Connor. Dylan ask if Ian was deliberately trying to piss him off. Ian said he doesn't play mind games. Dylan admitted he was seeing a therapist, but if he had a PTSD moment it can't be controlled. Avery walked in at that point. Dylan was holding a knife in what could be interpreted as a sinsiter way.

Avery tells Dylan she saw Paul earlier, and ask him if he trashed Ian's room. They change the subject. Dylan tells Avery her pilot was great. Her pilot is named 'You're Being served.'

Ian on the phone. Ask someone "Where do we stand?"

Avery receives a phone call from the producers telling her her show has been picked up. She's elated.

The Baldwins and Williams are having dinner at the AC. Avery walks up and tells Michael she wants to see him next week about the Innocence Fund. Leslie is not involved and Chris surmises it's because she got Ian released. Chris vows to work towards getting him convicted.

Michael and Lauren are congratulated on the pregnancy. Lauren tells them it was a false positive. Everyone looks equally uncomfortable, because wine is poured and Paul says, 'You shouldn't have that.' Michael admits they were disappointed.

The Baldwins leave. Paul tells Chris he's happy with the decision they made. Chris admits she made the decision not to have children. Chris wonders if she's missing out not being a parent.

Fake Cassie back at her motel room. Calls someone and tells them she needs their help. She's in trouble.

Victor back at the ranch looking forlorned. We are treated to a flashback of Victor and Nick. Nick was so happy and excited about he and Sharon staring their life together. OMG. They both looked so young.

Cut to Nick and Sharon. Nick apologizes to Sharon for what Victor did to her. Said there will be hell to pay when the rest of the family finds out.

Some intense moments today.

What did you think?

Favorite/Worst moments.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.


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