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"I understand. This isn't a marriage. This is an arrangement.... (Recap Post)

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Date: Thu, 24-Apr-2014 3:43:55 PM PDT
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...and that's all it's ever going to be."

With those words Kevin showed maturity, growth and wisdom.


On today's episode.....

Jill and Colin in Chancellor Park discussing his invitation to Lane's home to visit with his grand children, Maddie and Charlie. He's excited to be able to play grandpa a bit. Gives Jill the credit. Jill said if he screws it up it will more than likely be his last chance with them.

Lily and Cane bustling around preparing for Colin's visit. Lily's a little tense. She's not happy about the visit but she's not going to cancel it. Lily says that if he crosses the line, and Cane says "He'll be out of here. I'm glad Lily still has her guard up. At least someone does.

Lane introduces the twins to Colin as their grandfather. Maddie wants to know why Colin's never around if he's their dad's father. They are given koala bears as gifts. Colin is his usual charming self. Took a snapshot of the twins, said he'd treasure it forever and thanked Lane.

Cane mentions that he's been offered the CEO job at Chancellor. Cane is trying to find out who set him up. Manipulated him into buying Bonaventure. He finds the person he gets the job. Cane is doing it for his own peace of mind. (Colin has a look of guilt on his face.)

Colin goes out to the car under the pretense of getting bubbles from the car. He calls someone to tell them they need to meet right away.

Kelly and Jack at the AC. (Working out) Kelly apologizes for running out on Jack. Jack says she was right, that they shouldn't make any more plans to get together. Dinner redux is off the table and she doesn't have to worry about turning him down. Kelly says things are bizarre with them to say the least. Jack tells Kelly he told Billy he asked her out. Jack also said that any issues that Billy and Victoria have are their doing. Jack says he likes being with her. She's funny, clever, honest and easy on the eyes. He doesn't want to make her life anymore difficult so maybe they should go their separate ways. He walks away after saying "See you around."

Chelsea and Connor at home. Kevin comes over and apologizes for not calling first. He wants to talk about Chloe. Kevin tells Chelsea he heard her and Chloe making up. Kevin wants to know if Chelsea means all the forgiveness thing. He then ask if this means she's going to allow Chloe to see Connor. Chelsea replies, "No way in hell."

Chelsea says she not the bad guy here. She can't drop the restraining order until Chloe is seriously better. That would make her a terrible mother and a terrible friend. She has to make sure Chloe knows the difference between her son and her daughter. Once Chloe gets the help she needs then they can all spend time together. Until then she'll have to figure this out with Chloe, alone.

Billy and Chloe return from the cemetery after putting flowers on Delia's grave. Delia loved Easter. Chloe states that she didn't have many Easters but they made the ones she did have special. Flowers, fancy dresses, chocolate eggs. It was nice to see Billy and Chloe share a moment where they talked about Delia. Not nearly enough of those.

Chloe tells Billy she and Chelsea have mended fences. They're making their way back. They're working on it.

Billy wants to know if things will work out for her and Kevin. She changes the subject. Adam took the best thing, but not everything from them.

Stitch and Victoria have a lunch of hot dogs in the park. He gives her a flower. GC's Philharmonic Orchestra is performing. A no pressure date.

Stitch ask her if she plays an instrument. She says her mother does. She paints. She says she knows he was a soldier, a doctor, a good friend to her new brother, does magic, but she knows nothing about his personal life. He knows all about hers.

Victoria starts feeling ill. She's there for Stitch if he ever wants to talk about it. She abruptly gets up and finds a place to heave. Stitch tells her it's not food-poisoning. They ate the same food. Pray tell what could it be?

Jack's lunch date had to cancel at the last minute. Kelly joins him. Kelly says there's no reason they can't share a meal together. She still feels guilty about the role she played in the troubles Billy and Victoria are having. Jack says she should get on with her life.

Jack mentions that the GC Philharmonic Orchestra is performing in the park and that they should go together. Kelly accepts the invite.

Billy comes to the PH to check on Connor. He tells her he heard about her cutting Chloe a break.

Chelsea tells Kevin everything is going to be alright and he leaves. Chelsea tells Billy if he came to check on Connor he's better. If he came to kiss her again, get out. He said he's not going to kiss her again. He asked if they got any sleep last night. Chelsea made it clear to him that he can't kiss her again. Billy tells her she should take a nap.

Connor coughs. Chelsea and Billy take off for upstairs to check on him.

Chelsea, Connor and a shirtless Billy in the steamed-up bathroom fighting the croup. Chelsea gives Connor to Billy and she takes off her shirt. She gives Billy and Connor the sweetest smile. Oh brother. They're really going to go there. (Adam can't get back soon enough!)

Kevin and Chloe at CL. Chloe thanks Kevin for not pushing and for allowing her to go on her own. Kevin says he's been doing to much of that lately. He won't be doing that anymore. He finally gets it. Kevin says he looks at Chloe and he sees the woman he wants to be his life with. Chloe says he knows it was never about romance with her. Kevin says "I understand. This isn't a marriage. This is an arrangement and that's all it's ever going to be." He is committed to being responsible for her and the rest of it is not an issue anymore."

Jack and Kelly after the concert. Kelly's invigorated. Kelly asked him what is his favorite concerto? Is he tone deaf? Kelly said so what if he can't play it. He felt it. Jack agreed that he felt it the whole concert. "It felt like this." Then he kissed her. Have mercy. He's a goner.

What did you think of today's episode?

What do you think of the Abbott men and the women they're being paired with?

Do you think Victoria is pregnant? If so, whose baby do you want it to be?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.


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