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Monday, "It's actually a rather beautiful day outside!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 28-Apr-2014 1:28:18 PM PDT
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you want to go riding?Victor

Your son, just walked out of your life and thatís all you got to say Nikki

You betcha! Ugh. He is calm, because he knows always Nick disowns him, then forgives him and takes him back. It would be great if Nick actually disowned him for good. I loved when he Nick busted Victor in front of Nikki about gas lighting Sharon(the woman he loved) then pointed out how much hurt his children by torturing his mother. Nikki was horrified as I thought she would be. Nick was right that indirectly or directly, he is to blame for this. Of course, Victor justified that he did it for his family, ugh! So was Nikki right, was Victor no better than Ian Ward? Or did she cross the line, as he suggested? Typical Victor not to give a damn, what anyone thinks. Finally, what did you think of Nick/Nikki/Victor scenes today?
FYI: Judith Chapman(Gloria) revealed on her Facebook page today that her partner James, died about 8 weeks ago. They had been together for 21 years. My prayers and condolences go out to her.
Welcome back from the weekend, hope it was a good one. Lets start the new week.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]

Neil and Hilary having sex was revolting and disgusting to me. I wish Devon had stopped them, but he had to hear her moaning. Poor guy. And Neil is wrong, this is rebound from Leslie and lusting after Hilary. I hated him bragging to Devon(like a school boy), "I had one hell of a workout! Best one I've had in a while." STHU! He was just bragging that he has still got it. Ugh! And now he can see that Devon is interested in Hilary. What a messy triangle this is. What do you think??

Biggest Waste of time: Avery and Dylan reading comments about her cooking show.

Summer and Avery should have followed Dylan's lead by ignoring Ian, instead of trying to argue with him. They can't win against that slimy manipulative man. But I am glad that Summer warned shallow Esmerelda against Ian, as he tried to talked to her.

Victor was a bully with Fake Cassie, ordering to stay away from his family and leave town. As well as blaming her for turning his son against him. No, Victor that was you! Sharon tried to help by offering to protect her, but she kick her to the cub. I'm with Sharon, I want to know her name, and why does she look like Cassie. Long lost twin?? It was also good that Sharon started to remember that this woman visited her at the hospital. On a shallow note, Sharon Case looked beautiful today!

Just loved Nick/Sharon today. I really liked Sharon being honest with Nick that she learned from the doctor that she had a secret. He had every right to be was furious as hell, that he used his daughter's memory against mentally ill Sharon. I would feel the same way if I was his shoes. It is so wonderful how he told Sharon that the secret didn't matter and loves her and nothing will change it. Time will tell, on that. But I really hopes that he stands by her, once the truth comes out. He would be a hypocrite if he didn't. After he all, he kept Summer's paternity secret for 18 years. Plus he knows that she was mentally ill at the time, when everything happened(like the fight with Phyllis). So what did think of their scenes today??

And we got a interesting development that Fake Cassie called Ian for help, who showed up at the door. Could he behind sending her to town?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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