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"I don't want your love. I want your sperm." (Wednesday's Recep)

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Date: Wed, 30-Apr-2014 4:52:47 PM PDT
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And with that Chloe makes her case for Billy's reproductive prowess.


On today's episode.....

Billy tells Chloe that they cannot recreate Delia like some science project. Chloe is not deterred. Billy tells her she is not thinking straight. Bi He loves Victoria. Chloe tells him, "I don't want your love. I want your sperm." He tells her that's insane even for her. (Chloe's really lost it.) Billy tells her she needs to talk to Kevin. She tells him they're not a real couple. Billy tells her if he decides to have another baby it will be with Victoria. Ouch!

Victor talking to his Private Investigator. Since he couldn't keep Cassie's doppelganger out of town, he will find out what Sharon's secret is himself. He doesn't care what his family thinks. Once they find out they'll be grateful.

Sharon still can't believe how Victor dishonored Cassie's memory. Nick said all dad cared about was breaking them up.

Sharon told Nick she went to see Mariah. Sharon says Mariah has Cassie's eyes. Sharon says she was a victim too. Nick wants Sharon to promise to stay away from Mariah.

Tyler wants to know why Mariah is still in GC. Thinks she's following him. She says, "Don't flatter yourself."

Abby calls. She's waiting for him in their room. Mariah cheated on Tyler. Mariah says she knows all of Ty's secret. Does Abby?

Victor ask Summer to come see him at the ranch. She mentions that she saw Ian. Victor ask Summer how Phyllis is doing. Victor is acting all concerned. Victor says Sharon is unstable. Summer says Sharon has been like a surrogate mom. He wants Summer to keep him up to date about how Phyllis is doing. He warns her that she will hear awful things about how badly he treated Sharon. He said he did it to protect Nick. (He's a loathsome old fart.) Summer says "They're happy. Can't you just leave them alone?" Victor says not until he gets some answers.

Nikki runs into Summer on her way out. Victor ask if she's ready to talk about things calmly and rationally. She says she's there to pack a suit case. He starts waxing poetic about how he rebuilt the home Sharon burned down. Nikki said that was because she was sick, but what he did was cruel. He said one day she'll find out his actions were justified. (That jackass is still not taking responsibility for what he did. He's waiting on the parade they're going to give him when he finds out Sharon's secret.)

Victor says he's disappointed in Nikki. Maybe she'll forgive him when the truth comes out, but will he forgive her. (Such an insufferable bastard.)

Victoria, at Nikki's request, meets her at the AC. She tells her she's staying there. Nikki told Victoria what he did. Nikki says nothing can justify what he did. Nikki goes down memory lane. Remembering the last conversation she had with her prior to Cassie's death. Victoria said, "You're going to find a way to forgive him. You always do." (Truer words have never been spoken.)

At the AC, Nick tells both Abby and Noah that Victor hired someone to pretend to be Sharon. To scare her. He said it was to find out a secret, but it was to keep he and Sharon apart.

Mariah walks in on a shirtless Tyler. (Why wasn't his door locked?) She's warning Tyler to stay away from Victor. Mariah calls Tyler 'Abby's cause.' She says that's all he will ever be. He heatedly tells her to shut up. She kisses him. He pulls away. He's not interested. She tells him she loves him. He wants her to go back to LA so he can get on with his life. She says no. She still has business there. Mariah says she won't tell, but conveniently leaves her earring behind for Abby to find. (Tyler's an idiot for not being honest with Abby about Mariah.)

Abby told Tyler what Victor did. She blames Mariah.

Victoria bought an early pregnancy test. She's off to the bathroom to get the results.

Nick, Sharon, Noah and Faith together at Sharon's. He shows Faith how Newman's celebrate when they score a goal, which Abby did for the first time today. The victory dance is cute. They tell Faith and Noah that they're getting back together. Faith hugs them both. Family victory dance. What a nice moment.

Chloe at CL looking at pictues of Delia and Billy on her phone.

Billy at Jabot looking at his phone. Calls Victoria but gets voicemail. He hangs up without leaving a message.

Victoria at home looking at her phone. She calls her doctor. She needs to confirm a pregnancy. No need. It's a done deal!

Do you think Tyler still has feelings for Mariah?

Are you hoping that Victor's surety about his family thanking him after he finds out Sharon's secret will backfire?

Do you think Chloe has given up on Billy creating a child with her?

Did you enjoy the family scenes with Nick, Sharon, Faith and Noah?

Any comments are appreciated.


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