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TGIF, "Congratulations Victoria. You are pregnant!" Recap Post

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Date: Fri, 02-May-2014 4:16:06 PM PDT
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I donít know if Billy is the babyís father Victoria

Victoria, what are you doing here? Stitch

Well, do you think she will tell him and Billy that she is pregnant with her miracle baby on Monday's episode? Or will she just lie her way out of it. BTW, This is the second time that Victoria doesn't know the father is. First time, it was between JT and Brad. JT was Reed's father. It wAS great to see Helen Slater as Victoria's doctor. Loved her on Smallville. She also played Supergirl in the movies.

It's pretty obvious to me that Austin is most likely Avery's stalker. Dylan thinks it's Ian, and is about to confront him at the end of the episode. Who do you think it could be? Or do you not care?

I am tired of Kelly and Stitch having the same old conservation about what he did. But I did got WTH when Kelly just suddenly let it go, that she was in a bad place, didn't want to him happy. And she no longer wants to punish him anymore. They kept doing an 180 on her. She went from being an emotional mess to suddenly compose and all together. Complete rewrite. What do you think of her romance with Jack? Too fast?? Icky? Like it??

Great Paul/Christine scenes as they finally decided to have a family together. It was a very emotional moment as Christine tearfully revealed that she didn't think she would make a good mother, due to her relationship with her own mother. That's why she always focused on her career. Very realistic explanation.

I'm glad that a realistic Kevin told Michael that he knows Chloe won't fall back in love with him. But we see today that it is mistake that he stays married to Chloe, who has sadly gotten worse instead of better. She clearly out of her mind telling Chelsea about having another baby(to fill the void of Delia) Chelsea was right, that isn't the right way to move forward. Don't blame Chelsea for looking at her, like she was nuts. And I know she was describing Billy as her ideal of a perfect man. That isn't good at all. She is fixated on him, which worries me very much. Why can't we see Chloe attending her therapy sessions and getting better instead??

Johnny was adorable today as he played with Billy.
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And it's my usual, "free for all post" for Friday, after my brief comments.

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Thoughts on the cliffhanger? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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