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Am I the only one NOT sad to see the character of Chloe leave?

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Date: Sat, 03-May-2014 4:19:46 PM PDT
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As an actress, I think Elizabeth Hendrickson is phenomenal. I loved her when she was on "All My Children," but I've despised Chloe ever since the whole Jana debacle.

Kevin and Jana were soulmates IMO and Chloe just came in and systematically turned Kevin against her and IMO killed Jana!

I LOVED the scene when Jana was finally rescued and she and Kevin embraced, but then that damn brain tumor made Jana firget Kevin and Chloe saw her opportunity to swoop in.

Jana dying broke my heart and I CAN'T stand it when Kevin says that Chloe is the love of his life. It's like Jana never existed!

IMO, Chloe drove Jana's tumor to hemorrhage causing her to die. She wouldn't even let Kevin mourn her because she kept bad mouthing her even after she died.

The character has no redeeming value. No one should lose a child, but she does need therapy to find some way to deal with it. I think kidnapping Connor proved that. Plus, wanting to make a new baby with Billy shows that she's nit accepting Delia's death.

I hope she leaves Genoa City to seek professional help to aid her in coping with Delia's death.

I just want the character gone so Kevin can find someone new and Chelsea can stop trying to still be friends with her because we all know their friendship is basically over and they're trying to keep it going for the sake of Chelsea's fashion line.

I'll miss Elizabeth Hendrickson but NOT Chloe!!!

Anyone else agree with me?

- Stefanluver

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