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Nick & Sharon late thoughts...

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Date: Mon, 05-May-2014 8:01:37 AM PDT
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I just watched a marathon of all the episodes involving the Cassie reveal and Shick up against Victor. I must say that although a lot of Victor's ranting and raving is bullsh&* it does make for some compelling dynamics with Nick and Sharon trying to make this thing work. Otherwise this story would be missing the umph it needs.

But going back to Victor's BS. Is he really pointing the finger at Sharon for all the bad things she's done and stating how she's not good for someone?!! Really?! But I hope that satisfies the naysayers on Sharon's end. This isn't going to be rosey for her but it's just odd Victor is being her judge and jury.

I agree with Terri that Vicki sort of just did a shrug and not much else once Nikki told her. Nikki seemed devastated but we all know it's for nothing really. I disagree about how Nick is reacting to all of this though. I actually felt his anger towards Victor and also towards the Cassie imposter. Nick was fuming mad and ready to take action. And I must say the reveal provided some good acting and energy I haven't seen in most soaps these days. Nick confronting Mariah at the hotel was good. I'm not too familiar with the young actress because I missed a lot of the Cassie days and didn't tune back in until after her death but she did some great work in those motel scenes opposite Joshua Morrow. I also enjoyed the confrontation at Nick's place even through Victor was trying to throw blame back at Sharon. When he called Sharon out for having this secret that will destroy Nick I liked how Sharon Case came back with her explosion towards Victor. I also thought it was unexpected to see Sharon show up at Victor's to get some answers.

I don't know where they are heading with Nick and Sharon. I don't know if this secret will blow them a part but it was nice to hear their lines about supporting each other. That moment made me really get the essence of Sharon and Nick and their history because leading up to this reveal week I was sort of almost there but not fully.

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