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Tuesday, "I treasure you as much as you treasure me!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 06-May-2014 4:55:44 PM PDT
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When do I get this big surprise? Colin
Right now!! Jill

From the previews, it looks like that Jill is going tighten the screws on Colin, by sending him on a wild goose chase with that stupid music box. But I did enjoy her heart to heart/humorous scenes with Billy. Nice to see them spending time together. She should listen to him, about kicking Colin to the curb. That's a better solution than her scheme.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]

I'm glad that Lily still doesn't trust Colin. And will give him a chance.... to show them his true colors. LOL Cane foolishly does and glad that Jill reunited him with his father.

Thank you, Summer for giving Jack a wake up call, asking him if he is cheating on her mom?? Do you think he is?? Then she points out Kelly goes after committed men. True!! An anguished Summer explains this is hard for her, but not for him. Ouch! She hit him hard in the gut by that blunt comment. Jack looks devastated.

I had to laugh when Lily walked in the AC room instead of Jack with some popcorn for a movie night Kelly wasn't a happy camper at all that her romantic night was interrupted. LOL. Oh, well, her evening will only get worse for her. Then she sets her straight, that she minded. Matchmaker Lily helps her out with some lingerie robe set from Lauren's new boutique. She was really shocked to see that Jack's is Kelly's mystery man. LOL Afterwards, he tells her they can't do this. Oh what a shame, LOL He updates her about his chat with Summer. He realized that he was fooling him and that he was still in love with Phyllis and he isn't being fair to her. She whines about letting her decide that. She can't be angry with him, then kicks him out. I thought it was over the top, Kelly sliding the door to weep. They only had a few dates, for goodness sake. They weren't in a committed relationship! I don't feel sorry for her at all. BTW, Kelly needs to stay away from the Abbott brothers. And Y&R needs to stop forcing this pairing on us, doesn't work.

At CL, Summer informs Fen that Jack is seeing Kelly. Fen can see Jack's side of that, which she doesn't like at all. Then he points out that he hasn't given up on her mother and gives examples. Of course, Summer, feels guilty and wants to apologize to him. And let Jack and Kelly decide what to do with their lives. Ugh. That's not what want to hear. But I am glad that she still didn't approve.

Well, at the end of day, Vicki isn't honest with the men that she is pregnant. But maybe she isn't ready yet. Then she tells Stitch that their relationship is too much and this time they have to take it slow. He agrees to give her space. Do he think he will mean this time?? My opinion, he won't.

Thank goodness, Billy was passed out cold, so a crazy Chloe couldn't pretend to be Victoria and take advantage of him. I was very disgusted to see in only her in bra and panties. And later on, Billy tells her that he owes her one. She states that she intends to pay him back. I really hate this story for Chloe. It's getting worse by the moment. I'm sure her exit story will be moving to her new home, mental institution. I would rather see her moving to NYC to be in the fashion story.

I'm glad that Chelsea clued in quickly (lying to Stitch about the med mixup) that Vicki didn't know the father was of her baby. It was wonder to see that Chelsea had learned from her painful past, encouraging Victoria not to make the same paternity mistake she did. That concealing the truth was the wrong thing to do. Don't blame her, for not wanting to put part of another paternity lie. Victoria's Newman ruthless side, really came out as she reminded her that she kept her paternity secret from Adam. Then wants her to keep her mouth shut as a favor. Good scenes between the ladies. What are your thoughts about their chat?

I was very happy that Chelsea didn't spill the beans about her "troubling news" to Chloe. But Chloe was whiney about her friend ignoring her and not sharing her secret. Ugh. Chelsea then let it slip that she must speak up if there is a baby on the way. A clueless Chloe thought she meant her, but really she meant to Billy. We see her ready to tell him the truth as the episode ended. Do you think, that it her place to do that? Or should she give Victoria some more time to confess the truth??
The post switches over to my co-writer Sylvia for the next two days, and I will be back Friday!

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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