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"isn't he supposed to be in a coffin during the day." (Thursday's Recap)

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Date: Thu, 08-May-2014 6:22:19 PM PDT
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LOL. Truer words about Victor have never been spoken Billy.


On today's episode.....

Dylan and Avery are discussing his arrest. He has a no harm no foul attitude, but Avery takes exception to that. He says he's tyring to protect her. Avery says, "I don't need your protection."

Austin shows up without a crew. He wants to pick up where they left off.

Things aren't going well at all. Avery says maybe she should quit. Forget about the whole thing. That might be best for everyone.

Avery thought she was quitting, but she found out from the producer that she's been booked on 'The Talk.'

Ian at Nikki's door at the AC. He overheard her make the appointment with her doctor. He feigns caring. She mentions to him that Victor's security is looking after her. Ian lowers the boom and let's her know Dylan was arrested for breaking and entering into his room last night. Of course being the loving, concerned father that he is, he didn't press charges. Ugh.

Victor comes over to see Connor, who he is playing with, and Chelsea to discuss a memorial service for Adam. It's going to be a small ceremony. Chelsea includes Nikki as one of the attendees, but Victor says she won't be there. It will only be Victor, Chelsea, Jack and Sharon.

Billy shows up as Victor is leaving. Victor wants to know what the hell Billy is doing there. After he leaves he says, "Isn't he supposed to be in a coffin during the day." He aplogized for being an ass last night. For blaming Adam for his one-nighter with Kelly.

Chelsea told Billy she ran into Victoria. She offered her help. Billy wants to know how she could help. Billy tells her his marriage has nothing to do with her. Billy warns Chelsea to stay away from Victor. That's the only thing he and Adam agreed on. She can't trust him.

Stitch at CL. He's makinga video for his son Max's birthday. Victoria walks in. Stitch tells her he's made a lot of videos for him but he doesn't know if his ex-wife shows them to him. He starts talking about being in Afghanistan and missing his family. He feels guilt for not being there when Dylan and his unit were attacked. He and Vicki share a cupcake toast to Max.

Colin is still locked up in the attic. Billy hears the commotion since he has come to see Jill. Jill starts talking about him repairing his marriage. He ask for Jill to let him handle his marriage. She said she understood. After he leaves Jill goes up to the attic and taunts Colin from the other side of the door. She calls him a golddigger. Jill recounts the 'butt-dial' conversation. He tells her she didn't get the whole story. Jill confesses she made up the story about Rachel, the burmese mountain dog. Colin ask about the ashes. Jill says the ashes were from the living room fireplace. Colin starts spouting off lovely words. Jill opens the door. While his back is to her she chloroforms him. Nice touch Jill. She's still not through with him. It's only the beginning.

Colin wakes up handcuffed in the attic. Jill has papers for him to sign. She has a contract that says he will give her a divorce, stay out of her life and forfeit all rights to her estate. Colin says no, he loves her too much and she loves him. Jill says even if that's true she can't trust him.

Nikki runs into Victoria at the hospital. She says she's there for a yearly check-up. Nikki says she's there not because of her MS, but a low blood pressure. She tells Vicki she looks pale. Vikki says nothing is going on. Nikki tells her she's there for her, wants to help her. They discuss Victor. Nikki tells Victoria she saw him last night. Victoria admits that even if Victor proves to be right, what he did to Sharon is almost unforgivable.

Vicki's doctor walks up. Her doctor says she wasn't expecting to see her for a couple of weeks. Vicki wants to know how soon can they determine the paternity of her baby. She doesn't want to put the baby at risk. Her doctor tells her there is a test that can be done after 14 weeks. Vicki wants to put it on the calendar for then. Victoria says the sooner she can tell the father the better. Color me surprised.

Stitch is still at CL when Dylan walks in. Both of them are in crappy moods. They talk about Stitch missing another of Max's birthdays. Dylan tells Stitch if Victoria doesn't get back with Billy, he's going to have to open up to her.

Ian having brunch at the AC. He walks up to Ian and warns him to stay away from Nikki. Victor sits. Warns him about his bogus organization. Tells him not to let the name Nikki come out of his mouth. Ian tells him Nikki was calling a Dr. Costner earlier. Victor told Ian to get up and remove his carcass from this hotel or he will need a doctor. Ian fled. LOL.

Nikki comes to the CL. Stitch wants toknow how the charity even she's working on with Victoria is going. Of course Nikki doesn't know what he's talking about. Victoria lied to him and now he knows it.

Stitch leaves. His shift is starting soon.

Nikki tells Dylan she's staying at the AC. Nikki tells Dylan he's got to control himself. He tells her to be careful. Dylan says he knows, he just got the same lecture from Avery. Nikki says that's because we both love you. Dylan stares and Nikki ask, 'what is it?' Dylan tells her that's the first time she's ever told him that. She repeats that she loves him and tells him he'd make any mother proud. Dylan says thank you. Nikki says, 'Who ever knew they'd get this far.' Really nice mother/son moment.

Nikki picks up her tea to leave. However she stumbles and Dylan has to support her to keep her steady. She's dizzy.

Ian comes in as Dylan and Nikki are sitting together. Nikki has to talk Dylan down, and she does.

Victor calls Nikki's doctor. He said he will ensure Nikki has as little stress as possible.

Chelsea is singing Victor's praises. She said he's been there for her a lot more than anyone else. She says he's the only one that cares about her. Billy retorts, "I care about you damn it." Then he leaves. Thank goodness.

Stitch runs into Vicki at the hospital. He says, "You're full of surprises aren't you?" She tells him she had a routine checkup. Ben introduces himself to Victoria's doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. B.U.S.T.E.D.


What did you think of today's episode?

Are you glad Ben knows Vicki is seeing an OB/GYN?

Will Jill stay strong are cave to Colin's charms?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.


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