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TGIF, "Dig deep into your memories, Sharon!" Recap Post

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Date: Fri, 09-May-2014 6:13:50 PM PDT
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The secret! Nick, canít know! !! I remember Sharon

Do you think it's her painfully remembering that she switched the paternity. Or could it be some other secret, in her past?? Hmm. We shall find on Monday. Superb intense acting between SC and JM today. I enjoyed their debate of the pros and cons of doing this hypnosis. Do you agree with Nick that it was much better for the secret to come out naturally, than try to force it?(which could damage Sharon's good mental health). Sharon was correct, this secret is a ticking time bomb. Sharon had a good point that exposing this secret, will be their chance to move finally move forward, in a way that it will last this time. That's what want as well. I'm proud of our brave Sharon for doing the right thing, even if costs her Nick.

Loved the Nick/Sharon high school flashback as they talked about celebrating his birthday. Then Sharon being at awe being at the Newman ranch and Nick talking about living together someday there. Ah, Josh and Sharon looked so young. Both actors have aged well over the years.

Lusty Neil and Hilary having sex again at AC was just plain nasty. Clueless Devon/Cane can't tell that Neil is horny due to getting some. I really like when Neil played mentor to Hilary. They wrecked that, by them having an affair. What did you think of the twosome today?

Summer showed she was matured by telling Jack, "This is up to you. nobody else". I am glad she isn't thrilled about the pairing. But I admit was disappointed she gave him the green light for him to date Kelly. Maybe if I am lucky, she will turn him down LOL. Don't care for this new forced pairing. And Cady's Kelly, still feels like a different character to me. And Jack made a promise to Summer about Phyllis(being by side when she wakes up) that he might not be able to keep. Though it is kind of funny that Lily wants to set up Neil with Kelly.

Leslie was right telling Tyler that he shouldn't hide secrets from his fiancee about Mariah. It sounds like they got in real legal trouble together in Oregon. Abby deserves better if he can't be honest with her. What are your thoughts about Tyler deceiving Abby? Do you think that Abby will try to pay Mariah off to leave town??
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
BTW, yesterday. It had been a year since we lost our beloved Jeanne Cooper. I miss her and her Mrs. C
And it's my usual, "free for all post" for Friday, after my brief comments.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Thoughts on the cliffhanger? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!

Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!!


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