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Monday, "What have you got for me, princess?" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 12-May-2014 6:12:06 PM PDT
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An offer you canít refuse Abby

Well, she couldn't be more wrong. Mariah ripped the check, right in front of her face. Though she had quite the nerve acting offended that she was trying to buy her off. LOL. Did she forget that she asked Victor for more money? Abby nailed it that Mariah wants Tyler, more than anything!. She was very observant to notice that he was keeping something from her due to fact she pointed out they were speaking in "some secret language", she didn't understand. She truly needs to dump, because he cares more about protecting his secret than being honest with her. But thanks to Mariah looking at the newspaper heading, it's obvious that her and Tyler robbed a mansion in Portland. What do you think???

Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was a good one. Well, let's start Monday's episode.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Well, I am not surprised that Stitch confronted Victoria about her lie about doing a hospital fundraiser with her Mom. He was such hypocrite about expecting honesty from Victoria, when he isn't with her. But once again, she lies again about her reasons about being the hospital. Stitch annoyed me, by apologizing to her for overstepping, then kissing her deeply. Jerk! She should have slapped him for doing that. So we end up with Victoria trying to get the hell out of dodge(thus avoiding her problems) and deciding to visit Reed in DC. I hope she can clear her head. Then do the right thing and confess to the men, that she is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. Billy ends up taking care of Johnny, while she was away. BTW, he needs to stop getting hopeful that she wants to reunite with him, every time she calls.

It really irritates me that Chelsea wants to be Billy's friend, when he continues to slam Adam. Honestly, she should want nothing do with him, because he held her husband hostage at gun point. I wasn't impressed to see her begging him to take her money for the Delia's foundation. I'm tired of Billy acting like it is blood money and Adam is a murderer. It was an accident. Adam is guilty of not coming forward and covering up evidence. Boy, you could see today, that Chelsea is just dying to tell Billy and Stitch the truth today that Victoria is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. How much longer, do you think, can she keep this secret, before spilling the beans to Stitch or Billy?

I found it interesting that Sharon is remembering fighting with Phyllis and being horrified when she fell down the stairway. But not switching the DNA test. Maybe she did imagined it in her head that she did it. I sure hope so. Meanwhile, Nick believes her secret was burning down the ranch and taking off with Faith.But that makes no sense, because everyone knows what happened. It's no secret. I did love that Nick realized she was sick, when burnt the house. And that he needed forgiveness for turning his back on her. I could feel how much he loved her. Nick tells now they can put this behind them and move on. But the look on Sharon's face, you could see that she can't. She knows deep down that Nick is wrong about what her secret is. Do you think she will still keep digging until she learns the truth? Will she lose her mind doing that? Also what did you think of Shick today?

"The sad thing is, I think we could have been really good together." Sorry, Kelly but, no you can't. As I have said a few times, they have zero chemistry and the pairing feels so forced. I was glad Kelly kicked "wishy-washy" Jack to the curb today. She showed some good judgement, by deciding to not getting involved with man, who is waiting for a fiancee to wake up from her coma. But I didn't care, she got all weepy about dumping him. She acted like they had some great romance. It was a few dates, sheesh! Get over it. Move on! And I am so tired of Jack quickly falling in "love" like we just saw with Kelly. How about you?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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